Winter’s on its way! 5 cold weather things to get organized!

I’m not sure whereabouts you call home, but here in my neck of the woods, we have been warned that winter is well and truly on its way and I don’t think it’s too far off either. Brrrrr the last couple of days have been cold and so now there is no more procrastinating about the winter things that need to be organised.

So here, in no particular order, is my list of the 5 most crucial things to get done in preparation for the chilly season ….

1. Dig out the flannie jammies and bed socks. I don’t know what the loved one in your life thinks of your winter bed attire, but sadly my MOTH is not a flannie-fan. His loss, I say! I acknowledge that they’re hardly romantic but they are snugly-warm and I sincerely love them.

2. Start collecting pumpkins for a HUGE batch of roast-pumpkin soup. This is no ordinary pumpkin soup, it’s a meal that stands on its own and is perfect for a wintry night. I’ll blog this secret recipe soon ;) You may need to clear out the freezer in preparation for a soup-party!

3. Do a jeans stocktake. Pull them out and pull them on. Nominate your faves and then your backups. Go denim hunting if you need new ones, as now’s the time.

4. Revamp your skin routine. I swear that my summer and winter skin are not related. In summer, although my skin is sensitive, it behaves nicely with a good cleanse and a slick of moisture. Oh winter skin, I hope you don’t make me too cross this year!! My winter skin routine relies on moisturiser overdose to prevent the cracking and splitting that can come with the cold. Luckily the skin on my face copes the best with the cooler months, let’s just say I spend the season lathered in gooey creams to prevent crocodile limbs! I’m already loving the rosehip oil.

5. Stock the cellar with some nice red wine. I’m not much of a drinker these days, but there is a certain comfort to be found in a glass of good red wine, after a long tiresome day, on a chilly winter night. Cheers!

What changes to your lifestyle do you make to accommodate a crispy, cool winter? Are your flannies ready?


My awesome winter flannie pj's! Love 'em!


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