Why? Just why?

January 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

Why? Just why?

When the clothes don't fit

Why use a slim model to flog plus size clothes?

{image from here}

I think I’m still a little shell shocked from checking in at one of my fave online shopping stores this morning, in fact I’ll be doing well to scrape my jaw from up off the floor after spying this one, as I reckon it’s almost offensive.

Just look at that picture above. Do you see what I see? Do you also think it’s wrong … or am I just crazy?

Carrying a bit of post baby weight (doesn’t matter that you’re baby’s now turned 3, right??) means it can be really hard to find a pair of jeans that fulfil a couple of basic requirements – ie the need to fit (including being able to do the zip up!) and the need to flatter. I think that I’ve tried more pairs of jeans on over the past years than I could ever care to count and usually I end up leaving a jeans-shopping-excursion feeling flat, deflated and of course jeans-less. Straight to the Coffee Shop, I then say, which of course only continues to compound the problem.

Anyways, self pity and self sabotage aside, I’ve heard marvellous things about the jeans brand NYDJ and apparently their fit is comfy, stylish and they cater for a range of jeans-lovin’ sizes other than the stick-thin. Imagine then my surprise when they came on sale today at the above online shopping mecca that I check in with regularly. Christmas again .. already, I was thinking! Woohoo indeed …. see, the blurb below, on the site, says it all: those folk at NYDJ gets it – they get us … read these words, that’s ME they’re talking about! And could it be you too??

About Not your Daughter’s Jeans:
For every woman who has ever sacrificed comfort for style…or style for comfort. For every woman who has ever stood in the harsh light of a dressing room and made a wish. And for every woman who has ever tried on five different outfits before leaving the house. NYDJ has been created for you. The right pair of NYDJ jeans can transform how you look and how you feel.

Well I’m almost there, hook, line and sinker scrounging around for the VISA considering my good fortune as these are selling at just about half the RRP ……


I calm my excitement and stop to check out the image of the skinny-minny modelling these size 16 jeans.

They’re falling off her. They look ludicrous. There’s no indication of how they’d possibly even look when on the bum of a woman who’d fill them out properly.

I’m certain that there’s no shortage of gorgeous models – with a little bit of flesh – who could do these jeans justice, you know. What I’m left with here is a bitter taste in my mouth and $80 still in my bank.

Rant over.

Am I alone here, or are you shaking your head too?





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2 Responses to “Why? Just why?”

  1. Sis Says:

    Ummmmm….that is just ridiculous!!!!


  2. Shari Says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that this is just plain silly! It’s hardly inspiring a great sense of self-worth in any lady who’s not rake thin. Still head shaking on this one x


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