Who’ll stop the rain?

March 3, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I’m linking up with the lovely Cass’s Sunday Session again this week (the last before it moves home), and just in keeping things alligned with what the universe is delivering to us folks here in SEQueensland, here are this week’s theme songs (three to sing along to as I couldn’t just choose one!)

The first, by Supertramp, is a song I find myself humming and singing along to because I just LOVE it’s dreamy melody. It makes me float away.

Annie Lennox was one of my music teen-hood heroes and her soaring voice sends shivers. Look, this is not my favourite Eurythmics song, but it’s really an apt inclusion for this week’s playlist.

And finally, if you are living anywhere along the coast of Queensland/Northern NSW then Creedence Clearwater Revival are singing the very same question you’d be asking yourself at the moment. Please skies, we’ve had enough (more than actually!)


Be sure to head over to visit Cass  and check out the super talents of her Muso Man and his crew for this week’s session. If you blog, how about linking up and sharing your tunes of the week?

What’s been playing on your music box this past week?



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One Response to “Who’ll stop the rain?”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    I’ve been singing Who’ll Stop The Rain all weekend!!! I’m starting to go a tad stir crazy being stuck indoors. Here’s hoping the sun makes an appearance again this week!!!
    Thanks for linking up again lovely xo


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