Where the wild weather is

January 29, 2013

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Where the wild weather is

Wild weather hits again

In light of the wild weather devastation that ex-tropical Cyclone Oswald has left the Eastern Coast of Australia reeling from these past couple of days, I shall retire the witty and amusing post I had planned until some future date. Face it, witty and amusing is not all that sensitive in times of natural disaster, and with four Queensland lives confirmed lost, a number of people remaining unaccounted for and such soul destroying damage – again - for countless families, wit and humour can wait.

That’s my big boy there in our front yard. Clambering over one of the many trees that came down. He’s smiling, because we’re lucky. So very lucky. Nearby towns and communities, not so much.

This same time of year, two ago, the South East Queensland floods of 2011 knocked the stuffing out of so many people – lives were lost, livelihoods destroyed, and the necessities of daily life were washed away. I remember the footage at the time was heartbreaking. Then, the clouds and skies may have been grey but the Aussie spirit was bloody bright as armies of volunteers, manned with heavy duty gloves and shovels, set to work helping to rebuild the lives of strangers. The figurative silver lining, so to speak.

And here we are again, and I think what makes this event even more gut-wrenching, if it’s possible, is that many of those very folk who have toiled to rebuild homes and dreams over the past 24 months are helpless to prevent this new tragedy reoccurring. Mother Nature, why have you shown no mercy? You’ve actually been a right, royal bitch this time.

Many local community organisations and charities have started rallying to help – with goods, with helping hands to clear the debris, with an ear to hear the stories and the offer of shelter. But I have a feeling that the recovery this time will be long and hard, and my heart aches for those who find themselves in this situation once more. The Lifeline website spells it out clearly, just the impact that this natural disaster can have on communities and their folk:

People affected by floods can experience moderate to high levels of anxiety, significant grief from further loss of property or valued possessions, and may find themselves in unexpected financial hardship.

Please, a request, if you are in any position to donate anything: a couple of bucks, some clothes you no longer wear, household items you have no use for, or even some school books for the kids who’ve lost it all, then the difference that you’ll be making is very real. And Mother Nature, may you now step aside and take a break from being nasty.

Where the wild weather is

It’s Tuesday and we know that means IBOT.

You can find it over at the purely awsome Essentially Jess!

Have you checked it out yet, because it’s terrific!!


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5 Responses to “Where the wild weather is”

  1. iSophie Says:

    It’s heartbreaking. :(

    The Aussie spirit is so amazing in response to these disasters, as seen here in Tassie after the fires. Make me so proud to be Australian.


  2. Zanni, Heart Mama Says:

    Yeah, Mother Nature deals Australia a blow every year at this time. What a crazy week it’s been! I am sure Lifeline were flooded with calls (no pun intended) this last week. :( Our backyard is strewn with fallen trees and branches from 48 hours of wild storms.


  3. Mandy Says:

    Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. i think flood is devasting regardless but to think it’s striking in the same place twice is heart breaking.


  4. B Says:

    Great post.

    I live in Toowoomba, which was hit by the inland Tsunami in 2011. It was frightening to witness something so devastating in your own home town. As soon as there is any rain that hangs around we all get a little tetchy up here. It will take a long time for our community to recover and move on.

    I know that this time around the flooding is worse than it was. So sad. So hard.

    Thanks for sharing,



  5. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    We sure live in a tough country. My heart breaks for those people in Bundaberg, just devastating. Great pic :)


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