When it really does pay to shop around – a lesson learnt the hard way!

March 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces, Parenting

I really would like to think that I’ve been raising my two older children (Mr 14 nearly 15 and Mr 12 going on 13) to be sensible with money. I don’t want them to live in fear of money, or to be paranoid about it in any way, but I would like them to appreciate the effort it takes to earn a buck and likewise how easy it is to disappear with not much to show at times.

To his credit, Mr 14 has a part time job, working Saturday mornings and Sunday too at a local supermarket. The work is not rocket science nor is it glamorous, but it is honest and muscle-building and tedious and it pays modestly enough for him to not want to spend it in a hurry. Just the way first time jobs should be and he loves it!

For him to part with said cash, the object of desire must be carefully considered. The PC game Battlefield 3 (or something similarly shoot’em up) was considered, was desired and was worth the outlay he decided and so off to the shops we went, cash in hand. He anticipated that it would cost the rrp of $99 and so anything better would be a bargain. At the first store he saw it for $89 and stopped to consider it for a bit. I had things to get also and so he decided to tag along with me and check out a second store where it was $79 – SCORE! Woohooo. And so, he bought the shoot’em up game for $79 thinking he’d saved the equivalent of one hour’s wages. Very pleased with himself too, until ……. on the way back to the car, we walked past a third store where it was $54!!!! What!!!

He returned the $79 version, bought the $54 one, saved himself $25 (about two and a half hours shelf stacking wages!) and for the entire trip home be both wondered at the $35 price difference between highest and lowest? How does *that* really work????

What’s the craziest price difference you’ve seen on something that you’ve purchased or wanted?

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