What cheeses me off!!

I must confess that despite being an easy going, roll-with-the-punches kind of gal there are certainly some peeves that irritate me much more than I wish I’d let them. That in itself is something I find damn annoying – the realisation that some things get under my skin much more than I’d like. I hate that!

Do you know what your peeve triggers are? I think there is great value in firstly being able to pinpoint what pisses you off and secondly in being able to kickstart your coping mechanisms early. It can prevent a lot of stress as well as later regretted knee-jerk reactions. From experience, I know this to be true.

As I’ve matured – bit like a chunk of cheese really – I’ve increasingly adopted an “it is what it is” attitude with some notable success. But …. yep, you guessed it, there are still instances when I get completely pissssssssed off, pull on my ranty pants and let fly. I’m sure you get it, don’t you?

I admit that the following things really irk me!

  • dishes left beside the sink when there is a perfectly good dishwasher directly underneath …… just plain lazy!
  • tissues through the wash …….. I hate washing at the best of times and this kind of oooops is super frustrating!
  • dogs yapping throughout the night ……. shuddddup!!
  • things that get borrowed and not returned …. I’m always happy to lend, but please remember to return it at some point ….
  • shallow TV or magazine interviews ….. what’s the point? I honestly find myself talking to the tele and lose respect for interviewer and interviewee alike!
  • drivers who create turning lanes which then blind you from seeing oncoming traffic …… bloody idiots! There would be a line painted on the road if there was intended to be a lane there!
  • paperwork and bureaucracy for the sake of paperwork and bureaucracy ….. #overit#blahblahblah#penpushing#don’tseethepoint
  • being on the receiving end of passive-aggression …. just say it …. c’mon! You know the kind of people who skirt around an issue with smarmy (un)subtle digs?? Yeah, I really hate that!
  • being spoken over ….. it’s simple and respectful to listen whether or not you agree with what is being said, manners are never overrated!
  • obvious stupidity ….. when people are obviously stupid I really do get frustrated on their behalf as well as on the behalf of everyone else who has to suffer it! 

So tell me, what are your pet peeves? What can be guaranteed to get your blood boiling and really piss you off??

I love a Monday confession and am again joining Kirsty over at My Home Truths. Why not pop over and see what pushes her buttons?!

photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc
photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


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7 Responses to “What cheeses me off!!”

  1. Tegan Says:

    I was nodding along to all of your pet peeves. One to add to the list is people throwing their rubbish in my front yard. I live 100m from a shopping center and people seemed to think that it’s perfectly ok to drop their food cartons in my front yard. I am always picking up maccas wrappers!


    • Shari Says:

      Oh my gosh, Tegan! That’d annoy me too!!!! What jerks to think it’s in any way fair to toss their rubbish into your yard. That’s really peeved me on your behalf now!! x


  2. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    I LOVE the over speaking thing – except there are some times when I accidentally do it because I’m SO excited to join in the conversation, but I’m getting WAY better at it!
    Also with you on shallow TV/mags I don’t do it – mind numbingly boring!


    • Shari Says:

      LOL Em at getting way better at the overspeaking – that made me laugh ’cause you gave the perfect explantation for a time when it is actually forgivable ;) When you’ve got little chatterboxes nipping at your heels, sometimes the excitement of adult conversation can do this to you LOL! x


  3. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    OMG, the tissues through the wash thing – I share your pain with that one Shari! BTW, I love this list!


  4. Lisa Says:

    Hi Shari, I hate the tissues in the wash, lack of drivers ability to merge onto the freeway and kids/husbands who leave empty packets of food or milk in the pantry and don’t tell me. A great pet peeve list x


  5. Jennifer Says:

    people that fart inside the house or car. Bad table manners such as licking fingers and talking with their mouths full. Conversations about animals or body functions at the dinner table. People that think they are too good for anyone or anything. Guys that pee on the floor or toilet seat. People who mimic peoples with disabilities. They are things that really annoy me.


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