Weekend, weekend, where art thou gone?

April 22, 2012

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How quickly do your weekends rumble by? Do you have a set weekend plan that looks something like this …. washing, washing, washing, vacuum floors, folding, folding, change bed linen, folding …. That’s pretty much a template for many of my weekends, not all, but more than enough of them. So many mums I speak to say the same, sigh ….

This past weekend though, Baby Girl and I made our escape. On a loooooooong trip. South of the border and so far away that the entire Play School DVD got a flogging there and back. What a great time we had though. A super weekend with friends who are just some of the greatest people to be around. Their precious little one and Baby Girl are wonderful pals and play gorgeously together. They enjoyed lots and lots of girlie-girlie games and giggled like mischievous little imps. Tea parties, babies with dollies in trolleys (and a pram!) and my favourite was watching them take turns at playing hairdressers!!!

At the salon, "I said Pet, I said Love

Tea for 2 and 2 for tea!


The culminating event was a lovely function attended by many friends and family to celebrate a very, very special birthday and occasion indeed. Best Sunday afternoon in ages!

Thank you to our hosts for once again making us feel welcome enough to help ourselves to the fridge and kettle whenever! We all need some friends who are as close as family; have you spent time with your special friends lately? Trust me, the washing and folding will  always wait!

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One Response to “Weekend, weekend, where art thou gone?”

  1. Sis Says:

    Love love love you guys!! Thank you for coming <3 You are indeed family and the door is always open. Love that our girls are loving each other xxx


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