Tips for packing when you’re off on a short break

August 31, 2012

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

Hey, I’m not meaning to rub it in or anything ;) but did you know that I’m off on a short break this weekend? With the girls? And no kids? And that it means 3 nights of fun AND uninterrupted sleep? Ahh-ha, yess’m. I am leaving on this adventure tomorrow. One last sleep to go.

I’ve been packed for days though (yes, that’s the excitement bursting through) and as I was collecting my things, I actually thought about the process I undertake when planning and packing for a short break. In a way, packing for a longer trip may even be a little easier, as often access to laundry facilities means that you can get a bit more mileage from what you’ve shoved in the bag. Going away for a couple of days with limits imposed on what you can carry on-board necessitates some thinking and planning.

These bag-packing pointers may come in handy when you are escaping for a few short days away …

  • I start with what I’m planning to wear for leaving/travelling – I try and make it something versatile (like jeans) that could possibly get another wearing if need be
  • underwear comes next (this tip comes to you the hard way, after one weekend away with only what I was wearing. Unpleasant does not even begin to describe the memory.) – count the number of days away plus a couple of spares – this shall get you through!
  • I then select clothes for ‘days’ and ‘nights’ – it’s a good idea to ensure all the separates co-ordinate, so you’re not locked into any specific outfit – it’s built in flexibility!
  • I’ve selected black as a base colour theme – I only then need a pair of black casual shoes for day and some dressier black sandals for evening. Easy! A black drapey jacket can go over everything if the weather cools and as a bonus it’s lightweight and easy to pack.
  • Keep jewellery and accessories to a minimum – I’m sticking to the accessories I wear on a daily basis and maybe another pair of earrings thrown in  - besides I won’t need to be blinged-up to enjoy a deckchair by the pool ;)
  • PJs – comfiest that you have
  • toiletries – don’t forget sunscreen, panadol etc in case of a hangover headache and travel sickness tablets just in case
  • camera with battery fully charged!

Once my bag is packed, I make sure that I attach a big clear note with a list of things that need to be included at the last minute: make-up bag, phone, iPad, iCharger, sunglasses, TICKET etc. I’ve realised that putting it with the packed bag means I can’t race off without checking the list and adding those last minute essentials. Oh, most importantly of course, remember to pack your sense of fun and ENJOY! (I know that I will!)

Do you have a holiday packing tale of woe (like my undie-less weekend from hell)? What did you forget? Has it changed the way you organise yourself now for a trip?

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3 Responses to “Tips for packing when you’re off on a short break”

  1. Ai Sakura Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m going on a short trip next weekend too. Have yet to pack!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


  2. Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right Says:

    I only ever really forget things like phone and laptop chargers. Then I have to go and buy new ones. Other than that I’m a pretty good packer I think, but I NEVER enjoy it.


  3. Grace Says:

    Great tips! I like to keep jewellery to a minimum too. My biggest nightmare is losing my engagement ring on holiday. I would be beside myself.
    Have a great time! Look forward to hearing all about it on your return!


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