The win-win solution

March 2, 2013

Bits and Pieces, Parenting

Who knows what goes through a teen’s mind sometimes? I may not understand My Big Boy’s thought processes but I do understand that sometimes it’s just best to go with the flow and not make a huge fuss over relatively unimportant things.

Like this.

His Question:

“Mum. Can I mount a computer monitor to the wall above my desk?”

My Thoughts:


The Discussion:

We had a little chat. My Big Boy is very much like me and I recognised his need to do something a bit quirky and a bit geeky and a bit teenagey.

He acknowledged my reluctance to put a hole in the wall the size of a moon crater and he understood that the landlords would not be pleased. I think he also got the fact that at the end of a (very) long day, this type of renovation was not something I had pre-planned.

The Negotiation:

We decided that the monitor could possibly be mounted on the side of his (old and inexpensive) book case – woohoo – we saved a wall, prevented the landlord’s wrath, minimised what could have turned into a bigger than planned hassle AND no-one lost. That my friends is what I’d consider a Mum/Teen WIN-WIN.

 The Outcome:

When was your last WIN-WIN?


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3 Responses to “The win-win solution”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    This makes me laugh…..what happens when the “cleaning lady” comes, hope she doesn’t cut the string…LOL Teenagers, don’t you just love them.
    Have a great “wet” day.


  2. Grace Says:

    Bahaha! This is classic! What a great win-win solution!!!
    Love the photo of you. So real! LOL!


  3. Sis Says:



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