The art of upcycling

Taking a second to look around me here in my cosy little study nook, there is not much in the vicinity that I can spy which has ever been shiny-new-out-of-package to me. The 2 desks in here are old antique wooden things, the printer shelf sourced from a garage sale, the printer itself once owned by my uncle and many of the other bits and pieces have a long history of service elsewhere before landing in here to be put to use by me.

I’d like to call myself practical and believe that as a society we are often way too quick to replace perfectly useful things. Vogue-like, new and beautiful things certainly catch my eye, but pre-loved and quirky things actually catch my heart and that is why I am a huge fan of both recycling and up-cycling.

I’m blessed to have some clever friends who never cease to amaze me with their up-cycling talents. I’m openly envious of their abilities to create fabulous, new usable items from things that others discard to render useless and I’d like to introduce you to a couple of clever projects that had me ooooohing …

I love keeping an eye on what my incredibly talented friend Zora gets up to and her latest project wins on so many levels. We have all been made well aware of the environmental risk posed by plastic shopping bags and, although I do my best to use each bag more than once, as in most households there is a pile of these suckers breeding in a cupboard beside the fridge. Far. Too. Many.

What to do???

Cue entrance music for Zora who is repurposing these bags into sturdy, washable totes that can be used multiple times. These funky bags certainly bring new life to a commonly discarded product and are a credit to Zora’s dedication to maximising resources and minimising waste.

the amazingly clever Zora

A few days ago, I enjoyed the coffee and the company of some friends who have so many creative skills and ideas that I left their place buzzing. I’ll be certainly introducing you to their handmade goodies once their website is up as really the banana-scented candle I’m enjoying right now is far too good not to know about.

Banana-sniffing-heaven aside, the favourite thing that they shared with was this super-cool and quirky up-cycled notebook ….

I am …. I said ….. wow!

Font cover: Neil Diamond vinyl LP cut to  size

Back cover: Neil Diamond LP sleeve cut to size

Inside: one happy Neil Diamond lovin’ me!

Using an old vinyl this way is a concept I would never have dreamt of but I absolutely love it. Imagine what an ideal gift this would make for a die-hard music fan if you stumbled across the right album too!

Are you a recycler too? Share the story of a great pre-loved find here …



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4 Responses to “The art of upcycling”

  1. Mrs BC Says:

    Up cycling is one of my favourite things to do. Something I enjoy every day is the garden seat we made out of an old fashioned concrete washing tub. 1 smart timber lid and not only is it sturdy and generous seating, it is also an excellent storage place for water pistols, soccer balls and other outdoor toys!
    Recently I read (on a blog of course) about a man that buys old candles at garage sales, then melts them down to make new candles. What a great idea!


  2. lisa Says:

    This sort of thing blows me away. I don’t have the patience or the skill to of luck to your friends and their business ideas.


  3. The Plumbette Says:

    I love upcycling when it’s done well. As a plumber, when I disconnect old taps, I keep the old hot and cold buttons, grind them flat and attach them to blank cufflinks to make retro upcycled cufflinks. I admire those that attempt to upcycle furniture. You have to have a lot of time and patience when doing these projects.


  4. home loans singapore Says:

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