Thank goodness this week’s over!

May 25, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Do you ever have those really truly shitty weeks, where from day dot (aka Monday morning) things start off in the crapper ….. and progressively deteriorate as the days drag on? Please, pleeeease say that you do, I’m begging not to be left hanging on this one. You do? Oh, good! Well, that’s kinda the week I’ve just had and now all that can be said, is thank the good Lord it’s Friday!

It would be dandy if I could just identify a single thing that has gone wrong and annoyed me, but it’s not even that simple. Seems like a big bunch of mongrel little things have rolled together to push all of my buttons, at once. Ahh, but the mornings … oh, Lordy the mornings.

The getting-ready-for-school mornings this week have possibly been the worst this household has seen in ummm almost ever. Could there be a correlation with the cooler mornings maybe?  The kids seem to have declared that they don’t like this winter business and that they don’t “do” mornings well! What?! Strike a bloody light sunshines! Really! As if I’m keen to drag myself out of my warm overnight cocoon either. And make your breakfast. And make your lunch. And ask you 23,567 times to get dressed, clean your teeth and stop trying to punch each other in the testicles while I struggle to put a clip into the cowlicked hair of the Baby Girl who wants to wear her pink jumper to daycare and NOT the purple one, Mummy. And that all probably describes one of the better mornings this week! See why I’m just about to hit the wine?

Not. Fun. At. All.

I’ve decided on the plan of attack to ensure that next week is an improvement. I’ve sat them down with pen and paper. My kids are not fussed when I sit them down with pen and paper. It means a list is coming. Not a lecture but a list, a loooooong list that I’ll be typing up later. Each of the bigger boys will have a very precise set of instructions for what they will be required to do each and every school morning BEFORE anything resembling fun is allowed (not that I could ever see how a play-wrestle-testicle-grabbing-tussle is any fun). Because I’m only part dragon I’ll display the lists somewhere out of very public view so not to embarrass them in front of any visiting friends. We’ve negotiated this set of tasks and we all have agreed upon what the consequences will be should this little plan not be adhered to. Anticipated outcome is a cool, calm, collected morning routine and a MUCH better week next week :)

How do you keep mornings sane at your place?


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