Take some time for you! Ideas for self care on a shoestring.

February 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

I’m writing this today from the hairdressing salon. I’ve escaped here this morning for a spot of maintenance and rebuilding. This is something I do each six weeks – as I leave I book in the next appointment – because I’ve realized the value in taking some time out for me. I hope you get the chance to do this too!

As a busy mum it’s easy to forget your own needs amidst the hustle and bustle of managing a household. Time and money are rarely in abundance and so remembering to allocate these resources for a bit of self care is often overlooked.

Never a good look, is it?

Treating yourself to some regular ‘upkeep’ and pampering does have spin-off benefits for the whole family, as when you feel good in your skin (or hair?) things tend to be nicer all round. Trust me. I’ve never been a high maintenance princess or embraced a fancy-schmancy over the top beauty regime but I DO understand that my life, and the life of those around me, is much better when I take the time to look after myself a bit.

My tip is to factor your regular self care into the household budget. I know that once each six weeks I have the regular cost of grey hair elimination streaks, a half leg wax and eyebrow defuzz. I put aside some $ each pay period and then am comfortable knowing that the expense is covered. This is pretty much the same budgeting approach I take when catering for other household expenses and, so far, it works for us.

I do understand that there may be times when the purse strings are tighter than normal and outsourcing your self care becomes an expense that needs to be rationalized. Please DO still take some pamper time out for yourself though because there are a few ways you can trim the cost.

Self care on a shoestring

  • if you are wanting some sociable pampering time, invite a couple of girls around for a spa day at home. A home-made pedicure is not so difficult and there are plenty of clear instructions to assist you in doing a salon-like job
  • make a simple mask out of kitchen ingredients – whisked egg white for a toning mask or mashed avocado for a moisturising mask; a couple of cucumber slices to freshen the eyes (or cool damp tea bags work well too!) and it’s time to lie back and relax!
  • home hair colour kits are a very economical alternative to the hairdresser’s colourĀ serviceĀ and can be a great pick-me-up between hair cuts. If you can have someone help you apply your colour it really is a good idea. Another pair of hands can ensure that your colour is applied evenly and that there are no smudgy bits around your hairline, besides you can then have a cuppa together while you wait for the magic to happen :)
  • Most supermarkets stock nail polishes, usually in the “ladies’ goods” aisle. Although the range may be limited, toss a new colour occasionally into your trolley to inspire you to spruce up those toenails. It’s just amazing what pretty pink toenails can do to cheer you up!


What self care and pamper tips do you have to share? How often do you get to take time out to look after YOU?

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