Sometimes shit happens that breaks your heart

September 3, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes, heart-wrenching shit happens, stuff that you have no control over. Decisions made by others, that involve you, but are beyond your influence. No matter how much it may suck, nor how raw the hurt there are things that happen that you just have to live with because “they are what they are”.

Each time life knocks you over, there is a choice to be made and often it’s the only choice you have. And that is deciding how you will react or respond to a situation. The option of morphing into a grief ball may be initially appealing, but it’s not a great long term strategy. Stepping, up, dusting off and hopping back onto the proverbial horse is what strengthens the spirit and grows you as a person.

Stronger and wiser, albeit with a piece of your heart forever nursing a bandage.

How am I certain of this? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.


But what have I really learnt?

I’ve learnt that even the darkest hours have 60 minutes, and despair eventually eases.

I’ve learnt that you can only control what you say, what you do and how you feel. Every body else is responsible for theirs. Themselves.

I’ve learnt that loving a person and nurturing the relationship is much more important than aggravating the issue.

I’ve learnt that owning your contribution to a situation and then forgiving yourself brings peace and power.

I’ve learnt that you are never alone in hurt. Others have survived it also and will usually offer themselves as a source of strength.

I’ve learnt that sometimes, shit just happens.

People are complex and relationships are therefore a tangled bundle of interrelated complexity. Like that huge bundle of spare cables, knotted, in a box  up high in a cupboard, they can be untangled but it may just take some time and much effort.

What has your heart taught you?

photo credit: rachel_titiriga via photopin cc

Blogging on Tuesday again and joining the fab linkup that is IBOT with Jess over at her blog. See you there!!


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12 Responses to “Sometimes shit happens that breaks your heart”

  1. Lisa (@lybliss) Says:

    Hmm I’ve learnt that it’s okay to not want what everyone else wants.
    And that their is always someone ready to rain on your parade so bring your umbrella and dance in the rain.


  2. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    My heart has taught me that I have poured my heart and soul into some people just to have it stomped on for no reason or rhyme or explanation. I have just accepted it – lost about three people from my inner circle but I have just had to let go – and learn that maybe they were toxic for me because a few months down the track and I don’t miss then.
    I hope whatever you went through is over – pull your shoulders up high and carry on lovely xx


  3. Trish Says:

    I learnt to get up again no matter how many tells you feel beaten (not violently) or knocked down.
    I hope you are ok.


  4. Rhianna Says:

    Such wise words you share, sending lots of love filled fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way


  5. Nikki@WonderfullyWomen Says:

    That some of the yucky things that happen, happen for a reason, and it is only when we finally see why, we give thanks. :)


  6. Jenni Says:

    I’ve learnt that some people really do deserve a smack to the head, but we can’t always make it happen. And also that it’s important to take one’s own advice :)


  7. Sharon Mc Says:

    I’ve learnt that when your heart is broken by the actions of others, it does heal, but it’s never whole again, that person takes that piece. Life will go on, it will be different, but ok


  8. Lisa Says:

    Hope you are ok? I have learnt that there is no love without integrity, that yes bad things happen to good people (shit happens) & what other people do or say is a reflection on them not me. Tough lessons to learn but I am a lot more aware of who I hangout with & how they treat me. X


  9. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset Says:

    Yes, sometimes shit does happen, and sometimes we may never find out the reason for it. My heart has taught me that time does heal, even though it often feels like it won’t. Sending you love. x Aroha


  10. gabbie Says:

    we have matching t-shirts :-)

    ( hugest hugs )



  11. EssentiallyJess Says:

    Not sure what I have learnt, or if I particularly want to learn those lessons to be honest. But this post was beautful. Written with such a gentle wisdom


  12. Grace Says:

    Shari dear, sending you big hugs.
    I think the older we get, there is a particular resilience we build – yet this is still not to say we lose sensitivity. When it hurts, it bites, it stings. Because we’re all human. Take care, love x


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