So how does yours start?

For me, it always starts the same …..

Throat a little sore ….

Throat a lot sore ……

Increasingly difficult to swallow ……

Head beginning to get a little cloudy and focusing on anything becomes harder than it should.

Thoughts of ‘whoa, it might be coming’ but then I’ll take aggressive measures to ward off the possibility by gulping herbal crap and repeating the affirmation “I’m NOT getting sick” until my tongue is tied and I almost believe it.

And then …. I pick her up from day care …. and the telltale fluorescent line running from her nostril to lip confirms my fears.


The Snot Monster is coming for a visit, and he’ll probably stay the week! How freaking rude!!


So tell me, how do YOU know when you are coming down with “it”, y’know …. what the blokes think of as Man Flu, but what we mums call a cold???

And even more importantly, please share some of your get-quick-in-a-hurry tips (or even get-rich-in-a-hurry-tips, up to you), the wackier the better!

Linking up this Tuesday with Jess at IBOT! It’s esstentially awesome – so is Jess, I’ve met her – and you can find it here -  Essentially Jess!

photo credit: StewC via photopin cc
photo credit: Keoni Cabral via photopin cc


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6 Responses to “So how does yours start?”

  1. Me Says:

    I just had to do a double swallow there to make sure I wasn’t getting sick – you nailed the description so well !!!!
    I try to hit it with the Day/night cold and flu tablets as soon as I feel it coming on – that way it seems to respond quicker. Drink lots of fluid and rest when you can – easier said than done I know !!
    Happy to share any get-rich-quick schemes just as soon as I come up with one – I could pretend to be Nigerian !!
    Have the best day and hope you are both feeling better soon and that the snot monster’s stay is short lived !


  2. Grace Says:

    Oh, I hear you! that nasty sore throat dropped by a week before my half marathon! Having Vitamin C tablets always helps. And raw garlic. Yup. You heard me. Those around you will suffer from your bad breath but hey, it’s definitely worth it!


  3. Karen Says:

    We describe it in our house as feeling ‘achey’ when you just are a little sore and slow moving. But with a toddler the snot monster has visited too much lately. x Karen #teamIBOT


  4. EssentiallyJess Says:

    Yep it’s the sore throat for me too! I get the cold and flu tablets out, and try to sleep as much as possible to knock in on the head before it gets really bad


  5. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    Shari, vodka, lemons and LOTS of sleep!
    Oh hang on that is what I would suggest for a grown up!
    I hope it passes quickly! Em
    PS. hate the green bogas!


  6. Mum Talks Autism Says:

    I know it is coming when I get that tickle in my throat. The best lesson I have ever been taught is Vicks on your feet and bed socks. As gross as it sounds it really works. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the flu monster does not stick around. Xx Mum Talks Autism.


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