Simply Soap is simply ahhhhhhhhhh

I think that parenting a toddler makes you super-dooper clean. No, I’m not suggesting for even a moment that little kiddies are dirty, but there is something addictive about the peace, quiet and privacy that comes with a locked bathroom door. I love shower time, ahhhhhh-shhhhhh, can you hear the serenity?

Of course there’s a job to do in the shower – it’s all about scrubbing, but how to choose your soap? Price? Pretty packaging? First one you grab? Smell? Don’t use the stuff? (ha ha just jokes!) With so many soaps on the market, each promising their own set of miracles, it really is not all that straightforward at times, is it?

When buying commercially produced soaps, it’s way too easy to ignore the factory nasties that are bundled into the sudsy product. I challenge you to stop for a minute, take a look at the label and if you can pronounce all the ingredients, you’re one up on me. I’ve dabbled in making my own soap before and it really is a craft. I know the love, work and care that goes into the process and just how beautiful the finished product is – choc full of what you want to put in, what you know you are putting in and nothing else. I also know Gabbie, of Simply Soap,  and love her passion for, and commitment to, crafting soaps brimming with beautifully natural ingredients. Her soaps look sensational, smell *fantastic*, are gorgeous to use and give some affordable daily luxury each time you get to escape into the shower ‘me’-time hideyhole!

Soaps hand made by Simply Soap are crafted to lather gorgeously, smell glorious (yuummm like you could almost eat them!! But don’t, it’s not a good idea) AND very best of all there are no unpronounceable, unspellable ingredients! Using handmade soap just ‘feels’ so much better. It’s softer, fresher and much creamier but until you’ve tried it, it’s hard to fully appreciate. Without all the additives and chemical fillers, handmade soap needs to be kept dry between uses otherwise it can get a bit soggy but a little bit of lather truly goes a very long way.

Simply Soap boasts a very earthy range, where  fragrance oils have been replaced by luxurious blends of essential oils. The selection is just delicious, with Gabbie only using ingredients that are so very, very noiccce on your skin. My icky, yicky dry winter skin thrives on the silky smooth plain Olive Oil soap  …. BUT I know that I will soon be loving me a slice of Meditate and already I can sense the serenity that this soap will bring ….

Meditate .... a bit of soap p*rn for the soap lovers!

What flavour will you be treating your skin to? Let me know what you think of handmade soap … you couldn’t go back could you?

* As per my disclosure policy  I have previously been gifted samples of Simply Soap’s product when I’ve placed and paid for an order.


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