Simple Scarf Storage Solution

This winter I’ve embraced scarves as my new very favourite easy-to wear fashion accessory.

In fact, I’ve become a little smitten and have taken to wearing a scarf most days lately. I just love that a rectangular piece of fabric can be an instant pick-me-up for any outfit ¬†with a great spin-off – my neck always feeling cosy indeed! Of course along with this little scarf love affair, has come the acquisition of more scarves than a single neck can possibly wear at any one time. Oooops. Storage crisis!

Our house is of a vintage older than me (gasp!) and consequently our bedroom is a little on the teeny side. No fancy-schmancy walk in robe and storage space for clothes, shoes and ‘stuff’ is at a premium.

Then …. I had a lightbulb moment. Each of the boys, EONS ago, was given a little hang-in-the-wardrobe storage compartment thingy. And for all this time they have gone unused.

Until now.

Tragically there is not much hanging space in the wardrobe BUT with an over-the-door hook the problem was quickly solved.


Now, my scarf collection hangs behind the door and is all beautifully tidy, organised and out of the way! Yay me!

Are you a scarf-lover too? How do you keep your scarf collection tidy and organised? Let us in on any great scarf sorting tips!




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