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July 23, 2013

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When I get the opportunity and time to explore iTunes for some new iPad Apps, I am seriously one happy camper.

Look, I know that should there ever be a house fire (heaven forbid) tradition suggests that it is appropriate to firstly save your kids and then secondly your photos. Right? Well …. ok … I can understand the kids being a priority but to be real with you, I’m positive I’d sprint past the photos to grab my beloved iPad. For real.

From previous posts, you’ll know that I’m an avid reader and a thirsty learner. Inspection of my bookcase would reveal a passion for non-fiction – specifically in the categories of learning theory, self development, behaviour management, productivity, biographies and household systems. I have a pile of books lined up waiting to be devoured and possibly a few hundred more loaded onto the iPad hanging out for a spare year or two’s worth of free reading time. One day, I promise … one day.

On the weekend, whilst stumbling around in the App Store, I encountered Udemy and let me tell you, it was a very welcomed discovery for this geeky-mum and I thought that it would certainly appeal to anyone else with a desire to broaden their knowledge via short online courses. So ta-da, here is some App lurrrrve for you today

 Udemy is a free app – compatible for iPad and iPhone – that provides a gateway to some super learning material, much of it also free. Once you’ve registered an account you can sign up for any course offered from a HUGE course catalogue with a varied range of interest areas including: technology, design, photography, crafts and hobbies, lifestyle, languages, games and more! There is truly something here for everyone.

Courses are streamed to your device but can also be saved for offline access. Once enrolled in a course you can revisit it should any updates be released and there is a downloadable Certificate available once a course has been completed. Although completion Certificates such as this are not counted towards credit at an academic institution, they can be a great way of documenting any new skills and learning that  you may be acquiring.


A minimum of 60% of each course is presented in video tutorials which makes for easy access of  information and naturally courses vary in length from a few hours content to those modules which present hours and hours of information.


Yes, there are a number of courses offered FREE. Others have an enrolment fee and the prices I’ve seen while browsing range from $9 to $997, with an average of around $29.

So far, I’ve enrolled in 16 courses – 14 of those free and the other 2  were subsidised by a 75% discount coupon so there are no complaints from me at all. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into them and learning lots of new and interesting things.

What do you love most about online learning opportunities?

Linking up again this week with IBOT over with the gorgeous Jess at her place. You can find lots of great Tuesday blog reading here – Essentially Jess!


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13 Responses to “Sharing some App lurrrrrrve”

  1. Jodie@FreshHomeCook Says:

    Hello Shari! Found you via IBOT! So glad I did – your site is wonderful!

    I love the idea of this app – I love learning too & my iPad & I are almost inseparable these days!

    Will definitely be checking this out & having a good look through around here!

    Cheers, Jodie


    • Shari Says:

      Hello Jodie – thank you so much and welcome!

      It’s great to meet you and I shall in return love to come and pay you a visit :)

      I seriously don’t know how I coped in an iPad-less world – I’d flounder without it!!!

      Have fun exploring this app!


  2. Nikki@WonderfullyWomen Says:

    Guess what is downloading on my ipad right now, thanks for sharing! The other thing I love is App of the day, every day a new app is provided free, plenty of gaming ones which don’t really interest me, but I have got a great photo editor one for zip! :)


    • Shari Says:

      Yay Nikki – I hope that you let me know about any interesting courses you find! I was using App of the day, but got sucked into its black hole lol – might be time to rediscover. You are so right, there are some fabulous finds there x


  3. Stacey Says:

    SIXTEEN??? In your spare time! S x


    • Shari Says:

      I know, I know ….. I’m an overachiever :)

      (who lives in hope of finding a serious bucket of spare time!!)

      Hope you are well, my dear x


  4. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    We have only JUST discovered iPad – since June 30 (EOFY) and WOW! I hope to have the time to do this one day, although you know me, I’ll probably spend it drinking with lovely, crazy mummas like you!! Em xx


    • Shari Says:

      Wooohoo for joining the iWorld – I know you’ll love it and I’m sure I can point you in the direction of some cocktail creation apps or something similarly suitable ;)
      Or … we could just have a drink!


  5. Emily Says:

    Hey – thanks for sharing. I have visited a few free education sites, though this is the first App I’ve heard of – I”d be interested to know the source of the courses – are they sponsored by a particular university?


  6. Shari Says:

    Hi Emily, I’d love to hear about the education sites that you’ve found – I’m always on the hunt for new little gems.

    From what I’ve found in Udemy, courses can be submitted for approval by anyone willing to prepare quality content. It will be interesting to see if any of the courses I find are prepared by lecturers.



  7. Kaz @ Melting Moments Says:

    I love discovering new apps! This one sounds very interesting :) I’d love to do a writing course of some sort soon.


  8. Grace Says:

    Oh, Shari!!! That sounds awesome! I’m off to download it now! Thanks for the tip! It pays to be a geeky mum ;) x


  9. EssentiallyJess Says:

    Oh how awesome!!!! Off to investigate now. Thank you so much Shari xx


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