Setting SMART resolutions

November 23, 2012

Bits and Pieces

We’re slip-sliding into December and that means Christmas and all the festive panic associated with the silly season. Are you all sorted for Christmas yet or has the panic started?

Me neither, but hold that thought because I’m actually going to jump even ahead and get you thinking about goals, plans and resolutions for the New Year.

Yep, that’s right, 2013 is a’coming!

I’m not sure from where or when the tradition of publicly naming resolutions on New Year’s Eve started but I do know that for many of us, the goals set amongst the bubbles of champers on December 31 are done with the best of intentions but often follow through is lost by the end of February (if not sooner!)

Some resolutions are more achievable than others.

Some are doomed for failure even before they are uttered others, hmmmm just plain silly.

Over many years of resolution making I’ve vowed to give up chocolate, wine, chocolate, late nights, a cheese addiction and the list could continue. I’ve promised myself that I’d be super organised, cook nutritiously every night, use a calendar and diary, slash the bills, keep the grass short, iron more often and exercise daily. Still, I could go on, but won’t because I’m sure you get the picture.

The main reason that a resolution can too easily fall into a pit of despondency is that it is just not sustainable. It becomes too hard, there’s self-disappointment, then the throwing in of the proverbial towel before landing back in square one. Again.

The SMART process is a goal setting framework suited to all types of planning, not just New Year’s resolutions. The easy to remember acronym provides a quick checklist for keeping on track with all sorts of goal setting and can be applied easily even by youngsters.

Ideally SMART goals should be:

Specific Instead of a generalised resolution to “get fit”, a specific goal would be to run a marathon, or be able to swim 20 laps of the pool.

Measurable There should be a means of knowing if the goal has been reached. How can it be measured in real terms?

Achievable with effort. If it is beyond current capabilities it will appear daunting. If someone was to set a goal to lose 40kg, it would be easier to give up before starting. A mini goal of 5kg would be a great start and then encourage future success.

Reasons for wanting it are powerful and genuine.

Timeline for when you want it achieved by – this then can be counted down and allows for a reward. A long-term change may be the desired outcome but set some timelines along the way to maintain motivation.

This structure isn’t foolproof of course and there still has to be a strong commitment to change and action in order to achieve any goal.

So, are you a resolution setter? I’d love to hear about a goal that you’ve set and reached!

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4 Responses to “Setting SMART resolutions”

  1. Renay@mummysmiracles Says:

    Thank you for this. I really need help when it comes to New Years resolutions. I have to admit that I haven’t made any for a few years due to thinking I would never do them or get around to them but maybe it’s time to try again :)


  2. Alicia Says:

    I have never been a new years resolution setter. But if I was, and lord knows I need to lose a bit of weight, starting with a goal of 5kg sounds much less daunting and achievable than 15! That may be my next challenge, right now I am concentrating on staying off the fags :)


  3. Grace Says:

    I’ve heard of the SMART process and I think it’s great. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions as I make my goals throughout the year.Thanks for outlining SMART as I’m sure it’ll come in useful throughout 2013 :) x


  4. Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye Says:

    I can’t even go there yet! My head will not allow it lol


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