Saving a bundle on e-books

May 22, 2012

Bits and Pieces

You know I love my iPad – I think that I’ve told you that before …. even a couple of times, right? Well, one of my favourite apps has to be the Kindle app. I love the convenience of having a bookcase of reading material all at hand in a thin little light gadget that can, and does, go everywhere with me. Don’t be sad though if you are Kindle-less or iPad-less as the Kindle e-reading app is available for download on your computer too! Everyone can love ebooks.

Digital books tend to be cheaper than their printed versions and through the Kindle app they are delivered instantly via an Amazon purchase. Yay!

Instant AND ┬áportable …. so very, very good!

Amazon, the Kindle book mecca, also has frequent specials where a huge number of titles are heavily discounted or even offered for FREE, usually for a very limited time. Yep, zilch, nada, zip, no spend! You can’t get a bigger bargain than free, can you? It took a little hunting to find, but after some pretty heavy duty googling I came across a site which leads directly to a catalogue of the current free and discounted titles. Better still, the site updates hourly and so if you check back often enough, and are prepared to browse through a large assortment, you are bound to find a bargain of interest.

I’ve been checking the ereaderIQ site every couple of days and really making the most of it ;) There’s literally thousands of ebooks on offer for nothing or for a song. You’ll no doubt shake your head at some of the ‘interesting’ titles you stumble across but if you are an avid reader and happy downloader there is a ton of stuff here for you.

What ebook are you currently reading? Have you found any other places to get great value digital reads?


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