Rain, rain go away!

We live on the Sunshine Coast. What an oxymoron that is at the moment! It’s just NOT sunny. In fact it has been cold, bleak and overcast for days but today it has rained, and rained and then rained some.

Rain is a little bittersweet for us – good solid rain means that we have full tanks. Water to drink, water to shower in and the toilets will flush. Very civilised don’t you think? It’s a funny concept living an hour’s drive from your state’s capital city with no access to town tap water or ADSL broadband but that’s a bitch and a whinge for another day. Once the tanks are full, the other very sweet thing about rain is the daydreaming that it brings, wishing (fantasising!) of wonderful things such as log fires, being curled up under feather doonas, red wine, lazy days with good books, more red wine and snuggling with a loved one or pet.

What a life that would be!

Let me tell you there were no log fires, good books or pet-snuggling under the doona at my place today although there may be a vat or two of red wine consumed tonight. It was such a long day and it was feral. I’m sure that I was ringmaster of a B-grade circus today, without the benefit of being able to move the starring act onto the next town.

This beautifully illustrated chair was done whilst under the keen (??) supervision of an older brother. Just lucky it was a piece of her furniture and not mine, I say. If it rains like this again tomorrow, we might just run out of things to destroy.

Anyone for a CabSav??????




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