Popping my bloggy-meet-up cherry

October 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Today we’re off to the big smoke. The kids are going to hang out with some friends while I attend my first ever blogger-meet-up do in Brisbane. A high tea at that, woohoo fancy!

Excitement aside, I’m actually a little bit nervous. Although I really do write as I am, and what you see (aherm, read) is what you get, there is a certain comfort that comes from being behind a computer screen. Like the fact that as I’m typing this, I’m still in my jamies and that’s certainly not the attire one should wear to a high tea with other bloggers, is it?

There is always so much to say through a keyboard, fingers take over and it’s hard to keep up with the ideas and sentences swimming through my head and yet I am starting to panic about this afternoon and the possibility of being lost for words or worse still, saying something really, really, really dumb. It’s a bit like going on a first date!

The ladies that have formed Blog Power Events are awesomely talented bloggers and I’m so pleased that there’s now a local  crew for networking and sharing ideas about this form of media. There’s so much to learn and I’m ready to soak it up and couldn’t think of a better way than by connecting with others over a cup of tea and a scone. Well, I guess I’d better get out of these pyjamas into something less frightening! I’ll look forward to editing this post with an update :)

How do you fare at these types of events? Do you get a little excited or shitscared?

Edited to update …

What a fine bunch of chicks I met yesterday! Blog Power brought together a great group of ladies and it was just so nice to be able to meet some of the bloggers that I’ve been reading and stalking following on Twitter (still wish I knew how to Twit properly but I gave it a crack yesterday #BPEHighTea) The Emporium Hotel was a super venue with yumliscious eats, great coffee and even better loos (very, very fancy!) Can’t wait until the next one! :)


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One Response to “Popping my bloggy-meet-up cherry”

  1. Mother Down Under Says:

    It was a great afternoon wasn’t it!

    And as soon as I got home, I was back in my pyjamas! I think that is probably how bloggers best like to be!


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