Please Mum, not snags again!!!

April 24, 2012


There’s usually a quarter of a cow’s worth of sausages in my deep freeze as I always have snags on standby for nights where cooking something more interesting is just not going to make onto the dinner agenda. My kids have wised up to me though, and let’s just say that the announcement of sausages for tea is certainly met with very little excitement and usually accompanied by a guttural groan.

Pfffft, as if a bit of kiddie-whinge is going to stop me from serving one the easiest lazy night dinners known to woman-kind! Sausages, sausages, sausages!!! Bring on the sausages!

It was only when I was web surfing and I stumbled across this gem of an idea did I shake my head with regret and shame that I hadn’t thought of it before.

All you need to do is 1. cut a sheet of puff pastry into quarters (squares), 2. take the very same old snags that the kids moan about being “boring” and 3. plonk them on the pastry and roll up snugly. Into the oven on a baking tray for a bit …… and then ta-da, snug snags which are so not boring at all!!


What simple ideas do you have for turning a standard dinner into something just a little bit different? Please, help me impress my kids :)




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