Photo Transfer App – the best $3 I’ve spent in ages!

You’ll possibly remember that I have a little techno-romance thing happening with my iProducts, right? And I do know that heaps of you love your iPhones and iPads just as much as I {heart} mine. I’m finding myself using the camera on my 4s more than ever and notice that I’ve been reaching for my point and shoot and DSLR less and less these days. My phone is rarely far from my side (does that make me just like a teenager?) and so the opportunity to capture the family’s everyday moments is always there for the taking. Love it.

But …… I did find there was a pain in the bum with all of this though. Juggling photos between the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac was always a bit of a chore. I know that I can use Dropbox, the iCloud or some other cloud storage¬†platform,¬†and sometimes I do, but often I just want a quick and easy way to get them from place to place without cords, emailing, bumping or dramas. Low hassle and low stress wins for me and besides, cords are never where you last left them in this household! Does the invisible cord thief trouble you too?

Enter Photo Transfer. Undoubtedly the best three bucks I’ve invested in for ages! More fantastic than awesome and cheaper than a mid-sized flat white to go!

I’ve downloaded the Photo Transfer onto my iPhone and iPad and through any available wireless connection photos and videos can be sent and received.

But wait, that’s not all! There is the ability to wirelessly send and receive images from either a Windows PC or a Mac as well, just by pointing your internet browser to a dedicated web address that securely links with your iPad or phone. Magic! And best of all it is super-dooper quick!

I’ve not found anything about this app that I don’t love and I would by it again in a heartbeat. I only wish that I had known about it moons ago instead of trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to bump and then email pics from one device to the other.

Do you have a favourite practical app that has saved you oodles of time?


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2 Responses to “Photo Transfer App – the best $3 I’ve spent in ages!”

  1. Sis Says:

    Ooooh, thanks for the tip Sis, I’ll be checking this one out!!


  2. Dani @ Fitness Food And Style Says:

    I’m gonna have to read this one again as it may just save me some time!!! thnx xxDani


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