Ooooh what a lovely bargain!

May 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Who seriously doesn’t love a good bargain?? Look, I would never label myself a tightarse but I do always try to ensure that every last drop is squeezed out of my dollar. My income is a set amount, it has a certain distance to travel each month and saving a buck here and there enables a wee bit of flexibility sometimes. Plus, of course, the thrill of a true bargain provides an adrenalin kick akin to an extreme sport. Right? ;)

Well, if you are like me and prefer not to pay full retail price for much at all, then these three websites just might be your cup of tea. They each operate on a similar concept, and each requires a bit of patience and a careful eye BUT there are many good buys to be had …. especially for stocking the present cupboard in preparation for upcoming birthdays, Christmas and ‘surprise’ occasions.┬áThis is not a sponsored post … I just like online shopping :)

Ozsale, Buy Invite and Brands Exclusive all deal in quality label products and often high-brow brands can be found selling on these sites for a song. After considerable research (you know what I mean ;) ) here are my tips for making the most from these sites ….

  • all ┬áthree are ‘member’ only sites, but membership is free
  • each of the sites releases a number of sale events daily and all will email to notify you of the sales being released that day
  • postage is only allowed from each unique sale event – there is no capacity to shop all over the site and have it shipped together (this can be a bit of a bummer)
  • postage is a flat rate so you do get better value when there are a few items in a sale that you want to order
  • stock is often limited (especially in size and colour) and so it does pay to be quick if there is something you are after
  • sometimes the same brands will turn up on the different sites – so don’t be surprised by this
  • a number of brands are recurring and will be back if you miss out the first time
  • expect to see anything from shoes to suitcases and from wine to windchimes!

Are you a savvy online shopper? Tell where you hunt down your bargains!


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