People watching – it’s my secret little past time

February 12, 2013

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People Watching

My secret little past time … shhhh

Look, confession time, I’m a people watcher!

Just putting it out there, I’m a little bit addicted to people watching.

It’s a pastime that could whisk me away from reality for hours on end, if only I had the availability of time to let it.

People honestly intrigue me. I love observing outfits and hairdos and shoes and body art and mannerisms. I also love watching interactions (but no, not that kind, no voyuerism here thanks!) and I’m mesmerised by the way people communicate – couples, friends, families and even those poor lost souls who mutter to themselves. I wonder what people are thinking, where they’re going and where they’re on their way from. What are they planning for dinner tonight, and is their heart alive and singing today?

I’ll let you know that I think the key to successful people watching is being able to fly under the radar and remaining incognito, heaven forbid you get caught and then accused of staring, how rude!! Besides, it’d probably be hard to explain the difference between observation and ogling to someone not into the game and I really do prefer my lights not to be punched out.

People watching is not about feeling superior to others or judging them; more than anything, you’re a non-judgmental observer with a penchant for unearthing life’s stories as an art of love and empathy.

For me, people watching celebrates diversity and humanity. Here’s my approach:

  • pick a place with diverse characters – shopping centres and sporting events are prime people watching locations
  • be un-obtrusive, un-obvious and remain un-noticed. Sunglasses, maybe, but just remember they’re not so cool indoors!
  • team your watching with lunch or a good coffee for the ultimate observation experience
  • people watch with a friend – two sets of eyes are always better than one and a good debrief makes the hobby twice as fun
  • pay attention, look for subtleties and let your imagination roam.
  • remember the golden rules of open-mindedness and empathy

Would you like to take up this hobby too, or are you already practiced in the sport?


People watching is my secret little past time … shhhh


It’s Tuesday and we know that means IBOT.

You can find it over at the purely awsome Essentially Jess!

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photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc


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6 Responses to “People watching – it’s my secret little past time”

  1. Marleisa Says:

    I love people watching too! I enjoy speculating about people and their business!


  2. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    My hubby is a master at this!! I also love to make up stories about what I see happening around me! Emily


  3. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    I confess I love people watching too – it is absolutely fascinating. Thanks so much too for linking up with I Must Confess this week Shari!


  4. Rachel from Redcliffe Style Says:

    I love people watching too. I like making up stories about their lives. Rachel xx


  5. EssentiallyJess Says:

    I haven’t done it for a while, but I love it, especially in the car. it amazes me that there are millions of people, and I have no idea about any of them! We get so caught up in our own world, I think it’s nice to stop and realise that there are others in it too. :)



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