My battle with the powdered white stuff

Look, I’m pretty upfront and I’m putting it out there. I’m an addict.

I am a hopeless sugar addict.

I’ve been hooked, come clean, loved being free of the stuff, succumbed in a moment of weakness stupidity, become re-addicted and the cycle has continued. Round, round and around it has gone.

BUT ….  now, I’m  facing my battle the white powdered demon for what I insist is the very last time. Sharing my journey will I hope make me more accountable and also motivate other sugar junkies to do the same. Here is a run down on the story so far …

The background (an abridged version, trust me)

  • I was never overweight in my childhood – in fact I was considered quite scrawny (oh, those were the days!) despite having a very healthy appetite
  • when I was a university student each and every college day I would treat myself to an oversized chocolate covered donut at the train station on my way home AND still I was never overweight. I ate and drank like most young people do and thought not a thing of it.
  • when I started my teaching career, over 20 years ago now, my very favourite size 10 skirt would spin loosely around my waist. I would be forever adjusting it!
  • sometime in my early 20s I contracted a strange infection which morphed into an extended dose of glandular fever which morphed into chronic fatigue syndrome and my metabolism changed forever. I then gained weight, too much of it and quickly … and have struggled with it ever since.
The lightbulb moment and a tale of arrrghhhh
  • in 2008 I heard David Gillespie on talkback radio, discussing his theory on sugar and its impact on health, well being and weight. The very next day I bought his book, Sweet Poison, read it in almost a single sitting and broke my addiction to implement his theory. I lost 17kg and it was not too hard at all. Life was awesome.
  • in 2009 I fell pregnant with Baby Girl. The morning sickness was horrendous and I found all I could stomach most days was Coca Cola or Lemonade and plain sweet biscuits. Bad, I know, and ooooops, addicted again!
  • in 2010 after Baby Girl was born in January I knew I had to get back to a sugar free life. I did it and lost 16kg quite quickly. I felt great ….. until
  • in 2011 I had an aggressive arthritis destroy my right hip joint. I needed a total hip replacement and had this major operation in November. I was still around 7kg heavier than the surgeon would have liked but was still losing weight. I was in hospital for over a week and made the foolish decision to enjoy the tea lady’s twice daily treats. Once I again had the taste for sugar I was hopeless. Being an all or nothing person really does suck.
  • I have since then given the sweet stuff up and relapsed a number of times. Despite the support of some fabulous people, despite having the knowledge that I was harming myself and despite the successful experience of having lost weight before. It was all too hard and I would find myself at first justifying and then sneaking and then gorging sugar-laden foods. You know, treats! Because everyone deserves to poison themselves, right?
The realisation it was bad and not getting better (… ahhhhh shit!)
  • when I realised how tired and cranky I had become
  • when I started aching and feeling physically unwell and cumbersome
  • when I lost interest in eating well and just took the easy option because it was all too hard
  • when my skin started looking drab and yuck
  • when clothes that were once too tight and then too lose started to become too tight again (that’s never a good sign is it?)

My motivation

  • two teens and a toddler who NEED their Mum to be as fit and well as possible
  • a surgeon who will kick me up the bum if I’m not in shape by my next appointment in January (and the artificial hip he gave me whose life span is directly affected by the extra weight I’m carrying)
  • a gorgeous new blogging buddy Dani who’s blog Fitness, Food and Style really got me thinking and re-energised about this (thank you dear friend). Discovering Dani’s blog has been a wonderful inspiration as her get up and go is positively infectious!
  • a stack of clothes that look a bit stupid at the moment!

So there you have it. I’m an overweight sugar addict who is determined to kick the sugar habit for good and regain some good health in my life! I’ve even taken a set of before pics, but don’t worry you won’t be seeing me in my undies for a while, not until there is a great set of after pics to contrast them with!

How I am doing it

  • I don’t add sugar to anything and avoid things I know are high in sugar ie. bye bye jams, sauces etc
  • I read labels carefully and choose products that are low sugar (5% or less – ie less than 5g per 100g on the label)
  • I’m swapping white for wholemeal wherever possible
  • eating smaller portions more often

Are you a bit of a sweet tooth or a reformed one, like I will be soon ;) Would love to hear of your sugar free journey and any tips or recipes that have helped you along the way. I’ll certainly be back updating my progress.

If you are interested, I’m highly recommending you google David Gillespie and his Sweet Posion books, Sarah Wilson and her IQS plan and of course check in with my pal Dani on her inspirational blog.

 Linking with the lovely Grace today for Flog Yo Blog Friday – be sure to check Grace out and the heap of super links that are up!


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9 Responses to “My battle with the powdered white stuff”

  1. Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right Says:

    From one sugar addict to another, I think if you give something up entirely you just bounce back the other way. I’m a big believer in moderation (not a practitioner, mind you, a believer :) )- and even a moderate amount of sugar would still send my body into shock! Anyway, I do wish you the best of luck.


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Rachel and it’s nice to know others ‘get it’. Moderation is such a super concept isn’t it?! Why is it so hard though? I struggle with a little bit of anything and know that I’m better having nothing then trying to stop the trainwreck LOL.
      Thanks heaps for the encouragement, it’s really appreciated :)


  2. Grace Says:

    I’ve heard great things about “Sweet Poison” – I need to get my hands on that book. Dani is truly inspiring, isn’t she? Glad you guys have “met” :) x


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Grace! David Gillespie certainly makes some valid and interesting points plus it’s just a good read. I’ve read my copy a couple of times now and have different aha moments with each read. Yep, Dani is such a goer – inspirational! – isn’t this exactly what is awesome about blogging?! :)


    • Dani @ Fitness Food And Style Says:

      You two are truly sweet and I’m glad you’re not that white powdered sweet stuff ‘cos then I’d be defeating this whole clean eating and fitness journey :-P

      You girls rock!!! Thanks so much for your kind words XxDani


  3. Naomi Says:

    I like the other white stuff more-salt. Chips over chocolate. I’m a savoury treats queen. Best of luck :)


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Naomi! Mmmmm chips ;) Once I’ve weaned the sweet tooth, I’ll be hitting the recipe sites looking for some delicious savoury ideas!
      Thanks for your well wishes, truly appreciated x


  4. Sis Says:



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