Meet Larry, the new wonder pet!

February 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces, Household Systems

We love pets at our place, we really do. We just have very little luck with them. It makes us all very sad, especially Youngest Son who has now been hankering for a pet for a long, long time. He really wants a cat and went so far as to find a gorgeous ginger striped moggy named Fanta who was at the local animal refuge waiting for rehoming. I liked the look of Fanta, Oldest Son joined the “we want Fanta” club and the Baby Girl says “yes” to anything she is asked. Ok, so for a bit there it was looking like Fanta could be the pet of our dreams – one we could adopt and could love and would love us back and not run away, get skittled by cars, go psycho, develop a terminal illness or fall prey to any of the other misadventures that have ruined our previous pet attempts.

Step 2 would be to convince Dear Partner. This, I knew, would take some work. Dear Partner loves dogs, namely dogs of the big (read huge), hairy, shedding fur dog variety. You see though, the kids want something small, indoorsy and made for laps and cuddling and Dear Partner just isn’t too keen. Me, I just want the opportunity to prove to the world and its doubters that I can own a pet without the whole situation going bellyup in a hurry. Youngest Son, bless him, wrote Dear Partner a very sincere, heart-felt letter outlining his request begging for Fanta and access to the computer or PS3 was offered as fair collateral should it ever be thought that Fanta was not being given enough attention. Sadly, the letter fell on unwavering eyes and the boys bid goodbye to the dream of Fanta. The refuge’s website is checked regularly though and although Fanta is no longer available (now, didn’t this cause a few moments of distress??!) it looks like George might be a purrrrrrrrfectly fine subsitute, however the answer has still remained NO.

This is George from the refuge. We think he'd be purrrrrfect for us!

Let’s fast track this story to today, we decided on hot chips for a naughty lunch treat and so Youngest Son, Baby Girl and I trekked to the Fish and Chip shop in town. While the deepfryer took care of our lunch, Youngest Son walked Baby Girl to the pet shop next door to have a browse, leaving me to hope there were no kittens or puppies in stock. Phew, it was a kitten free morning BUT how could we resist a Siamese Fighting Fish (rather ironic don’t you think when we were only going to the Fish and Chip shop!). I needed very little convincing, as a Siamese Fighting Fish was a pet we had yet to experience, and he is just so pretty as you can see. No cuddling on the couch with Larry the fish, but he lives in Youngest Son’s room and has been very well behaved all day!

Hey Larry, welcome to the 'hood!


So far Larry has survived, I’ve just been in to check on him. I understand that it is still early days yet, but we are all are hopeful that Larry will lead a long, healthy and fulfilling life! Tell me about the pets that you share your lives with, and how wonderful they are for families. I’m still working on Dear Partner for another more cuddly pet, so wish me luck! ;)


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