Meal plan and groceries done for another fortnight. Here’s an easy peasy sample!

February 23, 2012

Household Systems

Through trial and error (considerable error that is) I’ve discovered that the best way to ensure my family is fed well, and within budget, is to shop fortnightly. Daily trips to the supermarket were bleeding me dry with impulse buying which was neither healthy for the waistline nor purse.

As I’m paid fortnightly, I decided to try shopping each pay-day.

Initially there was no plan to this and I would walk the aisles merrily tossing things into the trolley because (a) it was on sale and such a bargain, (b) the pretty packaging sucked me right in and/or (c) the kids were with me and promised me it would be delicious. FAIL.

Undoubtedly by the end of the pay period I’d have been to the shops at least another half dozen times to grab things I’d missed (and heaps more, of course) AND I’d end up with a pantry full of stuff like family size tins of baked beans which were purchased at clear-out price but which no-one will eat.

Mmmmmm …. so it was back to the drawing board and in, finally, with a new routine - meal planning. I know that this was not a concept invented by me, BUT it was a level of planning and organisation new to me and by jingo it works a treat.

Here’s my step-by-step guide for surviving the dinner planning and grocery shopping chore. Click for a better squizz but your blank and free to download copy can be found on the free printables page!

The plan in action!

  1. Once a fortnight I will sit down and sketch out meal ideas for 14 dinners.
  2. As I’m noting the dinners, I compile my shopping list after consulting the freezer and pantry first (important step, that) to ensure I’m using items I already have and avoiding double up (or triple up) purchases.
  3. I then add other items to my shopping list (ie cleaning products, regular purchases like milk, bread etc) and I’m right to go. I don’t worry about planning lunches as we’re usually happy to go with left overs and/or sandwiches.
  4. I hardly ever buy fruit and veg with the groceries – only if I know I need something specific in the next couple of days that’s not coming in my awesome weekly delivered fruit/veg box.
  5. Bread goes into the freezer to use as needed and long life milk lives in the pantry – we just refrigerate 2L at a time. We didn’t take any time at all to adjust to the taste and, in all honesty, the brand we get is the milk we prefer over fresh – WIN!
  6. The dinners are all interchangeable – it’s stress-free knowing that it’s all there ready to go, no matter when in the fortnight you feel like eating it :)

Overall, this really has made a massive change to how our household runs. No more dinner time panic, it’s all smooth sailing and sausages ;)

It’s saved time AND money …… but alas, it’s not saved the kids asking “What’s for dinner?” each night, even if it is pinned on the fridge LOL!

How do YOU organise your meals and shopping, do you have a similar system or do you shop and cook to order? Do share, would love to know!


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