John Taylor – In the Pleasure Groove

John Taylor – In the Pleasure Groove

John Taylor, In The Pleasure Groove

John Taylor’s Groove for your Pleasure!

If my teenage fantasies had come true, I would have been Mrs John Taylor, you know! He and I would have met whilst Duran Duran toured Australia and of course he would have fallen madly in love with my Aussie-girl-next-doorness and whisked me away to an exciting life of travel and Rock and Roll. Baby!

Alas, not all dreams come true: and here I am, well and truly after the 80s New Romanticism has faded, John Taylor-less but with a copy of his autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove, in my Christmas loot. Thanks kids!

It’s a compulsive read, but maybe not for all the right reasons. Possibly, because with each turn of the page, I was left hoping for more, for something meatier and for an insight that JT never quite manages to provide through his words (which are at times a bit clumsy, but hey, that’s kind of cute … like his smile)

It was an easy read and after finishing it, I really do have a greater respect for the musicianship behind the Duran Duran phenomenon.  A passion for making music, shared by those five lads from Birmingham, is a recurrent theme throughout and truly grounds this tale. Planet Earth and Rio will always be on my Mix Tape, you know … and,of course, long live Girls on Film as an 80s pop anthem …. ohhhh John, we could have danced the night away …..

Many times throughout this story, I felt incredibly sad and sorry for John Taylor – for his addictions and self-destructive behaviour but also for the emptiness that he didn’t seem to fill until more recent years. Overall, he’s not what I imagined him to be and I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing?

Would I recommend In the Pleasure Groove as a read?

As a piece of literature? Ummm, no.

As a peak into the headiness of rockstar life in the 80s? Absolutely, yes.

If you were (or still are) a Durannie and if JT pipped Simon LeBon in your dreams too, then I reckon there’ll be something in this for you.

Does the music of the 80s still do it for you? What would you have playing on your 80s mix tape?

 John Taylor – In the Pleasure Groove

It’s Tuesday and we know that means IBOT. You can find it over at the purely awsome Essentially Jess!

Have you checked it out yet, because it’s terrific!!



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8 Responses to “John Taylor – In the Pleasure Groove”

  1. Rachel from Redcliffe Style Says:

    I love 80s music. It’s always so much fun. I have an 80s playlist that I save for those moments you need to perk up a little. Rachel xx


  2. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset Says:

    It’s eye-opening reading biographies of people we think we “know” because of what we see of them in their careers. I felt the same when I read Andre Agassi’s book (though I never thought or wanted to marry him!). Clearly his life would have been better if he HAD met and fallen in love with you on his Aussie tour! ;-)

    hi from #teamIBOT :)


  3. Becc Says:

    I reckon there is something in there for me then :)
    It’s funny, living a dream life, finding your passion, doing what you love, making tonnes of money doesn’t make for a happy life. Makes no sense, but then not much about life does.
    Becc via #ibot


  4. B Says:

    Hmmm…. the 80s… I was just a kid… but I loved listening to music with my big sister… I was more of a Stevie Wonder and Whitney fan. Those were the days.

    B from #teamIBOT


  5. Me Says:

    Oh the actors and musicians I would have married if they had only known about me !!!! LOL
    I do enjoy biographies of people and seeing what they were actually like compared to my perception of them.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor


  6. rhian @melbs Says:

    I was only young then, but I must say I am partial to the odd 80s power ballad. You can’t beat a bit of soft rock in my opinion!
    Popped over from IBOTx


  7. Simone Says:

    I was pondering whether or not I should read this or just let my love for John Taylor be? I might be curious enough to have a quiet read…so my friends don’t give me crap about it. Oh, Duran Duran…such a great part of my teenage years.

    Good post.


  8. Grace Says:

    No, no, nooooooo, Shari! JT would’ve married meeeeee! :)
    I read ITPG while I was in Bali and while I also didn’t think it was a fantastic piece of literature, I did enjoy reliving my love for the spunky bassist.
    Although, I must admit…he still has some tabs on himself. I thought he could’ve been a little more honest about some of the failures the guys had.
    In the end though, it was nice to see he’s done a full circle.


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