I’ve something very exciting coming up!

My little family and I are in the fortunate position of living next door to my parents. It’s a truly great thing that (a) we get along well with them, (b) we can rely upon them for so much and they always give more and (c) they are the most tolerant landlords ever!!! (Hey and I’ll tell you right now that we have been awesome tenants :) ) How this village-living came to be is a long story and best not disclosed here, but it is working well for us all. Let’s call it win-win!

The little house we moved into 6 or more years ago was ideal for us at the time, but as the family has grown, so has our need for more room. Presto! A few years back we added 2 extra bedrooms, another living area, a study and a second bathroom. It doubled the size of the house and has been a Godsend. The kitchen, however, has always been a bugbear and it’s amazing how such a tiny room can be such a big pain in the bum. But here comes the exciting bit … I am beyond thrilled that the landlords are installing a new kitchen and that it will be here so soon! Wahooooo.

In posts where I have described cooking-business and illustrated these with photos – it’s time to admit that these images have been carefully staged to hide a truly hideous kitchen. There you go, I’ve outed my kitchen. I’m not sure whether I’m more embarrassed by the oh-so-80′s Salmon Pink and Grey laminex or by the severe lack of benchspace. It is a real toss up, that! According to my calculation there is approximately 1.5 square metres of total bench space upon which to chop, mix, serve (oh and make coffee!). The father-landlord made a cover to go over the cooktop and this has helped enormously … when there’s nothing on the stove, but really it is a crap kitchen. Look at the photo below – here it is in all of its BEFORE glory.


This is the entire kitchen space. Noice, isn't it?!!


Shhhh, don’t tell the MOTH but I have already gone and bought a shiny, new red kettle to sit atop my new expanse of bench. I really can not wait to share some after snaps once the old is out and I’m cooking up a storm in the new! Bring. It. On :)

What’s your kitchen like? Functional? The dream? In an ugly-competition with mine above? Share a bit about it here!



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