In my dreams

May 26, 2013

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

I really believe when sleep-deprived parents actually do get the opportunity to grab some shut eye and wander into dream land, that much of that dreaming is around living the good life, you know, fantasies of perfect days ……. terribly unattainable in most instances, but highly desirable nonetheless. So when my bloggymate Kirsty announced that this week’s confessional link-up was around spilling the beans on your ideal day or night, I knew I was in.

Actually, right in like Flynn and greedy to boot, because I’m having both – my ideal day AND night!

Good morning to you, ideal day … 


7.00 am:  Irrelevant really, because in my ideal day, there is NO way I’m awake yet. Puleeeeeeease.

8.00 am: Ok, that’s better, finally awake, but feet yet to touch floor. Propped up in bed watching my main man Karl on the Today show, catching up with some reading on the iPad and sipping a steaming hot coffee that an imaginary person has brought into me. That’s exactly right, because today I am all ALONE (and loving it!)

9.00 am: Hooray, no school drop offs, no bums to wipe, no loads of washing to put on, hang out and repeat. Soooo …… it’s off to somewhere like IKEA for a browse. Oh, wait, stuff it, I’ll even have a shop-up! Because, of course, the ideal-day fairy has also remembered to stuff my wallet full of green notes too!! Bless her, she thinks of everything!

11.00 am: Safely arrived at IKEA, chauffer driven of course by someone (anyone) I haven’t had to cut sandwiches for or wipe up after. A further little catch up kip in the car too. Totally winning! Now it’s time for a browse spree to refurnish our modest home with some goods that are unsoiled by dirty feet, cat hair, biscuit crumbs, felt pens or choc-smudged fingers, and possibly that also co-ordinate nicely. What a novelty!

Lunch: The most luscious BLT to myself and by myself. No need to share my chips with anyone, and this of course is washed down with the coldest, longest glass of Coke imaginable. Because I can, today, just because I can.

1.00 pm: To the salon. Leg wax, eyebrow wax, cut, colour, blow dry, straighten, the works. Pedi and mani PLUS back and shoulder massage too. Makeup done by a professional, Loreal, says I’m worth it, so why not? Feel a million bucks!

3.00 pm: You won’t find me parked at the school gates today, nope, no way. Next stop for me is the bottle-o to pick up a light bubbly and then I’m straight to the balcony at Mum and Dad’s beach unit to enjoy the view. Miles of ocean,  Caloundra pine trees and the occasional vessel travelling the shipping line. It’s right here that I shall sit for a while, alone but not lonely as I’ll have a book, my iPad and the murmur that is the ocean’s voice. Can I make the day stop here?

5.00 pm: Snack time. Grown up snack time – cheeses and dips and exotic crackers and nuts. Perfect accompaniments to the last of my bubbly. I’ve so enjoyed being lost in some reading and but also relished the time wandering through my own headspace.

6.00 pm: I think I’ll watch the news. With my feet up. Peppa Pig is banished and my gosh it’s great to learn what the rest of the world is doing, just in case I have an adult conversation in the next 48 hours it’ll be good to be in the know!

What? Night time already? Let’s make it perfect …

7.00 pm: Long, steaming shower using all of the water. No kids knocking on the door …

8.00 pm: knock, knock. It’s the home delivered Thai takeaway at the door, for me. Without even turning on the stove and in a container that I can throw and not wash. Fancy!! Mmmmmmm Massaman Chicken, ’tis good!

9.00pm: Yawwwwwn. Bedsocks on. Good night, sleep tight!

So there you have it, hardly exciting or exotic ….. but oh, sigh, how freaking fabulous!!

Now the question is, what would YOU choose to do, given your ideal day?

Head over to Kirsty’s My Home Truths and confess all!


photo credit: Kuzeytac via photopin cc

photo credit: ~jjjohn~ via photopin cc


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9 Responses to “In my dreams”

  1. Ali Says:

    Sounds like the *perfect* day and evening!!! If only, huh? :)


  2. Me Says:

    Sounds like a great time. I forgot to have my wallet stuffed with some green ones as well !
    Have the best day (even if it isn’t the perfect day !)


  3. Janet Says:

    Ooo I like the sound of this … perfect!!!


  4. Ness Says:

    YES! That sounds divine. I decided that my ideal day would be a day alone too. Love it.


  5. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset Says:

    Sounds fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic!! When do we go!?!?!? -Aroha


  6. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    Awesome day Shari – and you’ve thought of absolutely everything! If I had’ve gone with a day alone my day would have been very similar – we really need to meet up one day!


  7. Mystery Case Says:

    Sounds pretty perfect to me!


  8. Jo Tracey Says:

    I have no idea what my ideal day is until I’m in it- often I’m alone too! Lovely post.


  9. Mum Talks Autism Says:

    Sounds like a great day my friend. Only thing I would add is me for company.


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