Ideas rich and time poor

October 7, 2012

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

I’m an ideas person, and always have been. I love that it’s one of my strengths. I know that I can think outside the box of normal and that I can generate lots and lots of possibilities BUT it’s also one of my weaknesses and it’s something that I consciously need to work on. I’m always very aware of my need to match the¬†doing with the thinking, planning, dreaming and wondering and I practice this often. Hmmmm, are you a dreamer or a doer?

Sometimes though, I lose track of all the sensible doing stuff and my ideas-driven brain goes into overdrive. I can then find myself swamped with thoughts, dreams and visions that need pathways and my wee little head often spins around with billions of ideas about blogging and writing, work, website ideas, household organising and more. It can be exciting but also bloody overwhelming and tiring too.

This is exactly what I’ve woken up to this morning – a busy crowded head. But after a second cup of coffee (ahhhh coffee), I’m declaring I really do have a need to¬†consolidate all of the lists, bits of paper, bookmarked ideas into something that will work for me and take me where I want to be … personally, professionally and pastime wise.

I’m not intentionally being cryptic – I’m no lady of mystery that’s for sure, but I am being reflective and purposeful. I’ve got lots and lots and then more that I want to do, but the great news is there’s no big rush. Phew! I hope that you bear with me as I make some tweaks and changes here and there to put some of these ideas and plans into action.

Do you tackle one project at a time from start to finish or are you also someone with lots of things on the go at once?

photo credit: AngSocialMed via photopin cc


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One Response to “Ideas rich and time poor”

  1. ~shazz~ Says:

    If anyone can successfully make the tweaks and changes pet, it’s you.
    And as for me….my life is one HUGE U.F.O. – Un-Finished-Object.
    One day I will make the tweaks and changes and it will all get finished….just not today…!!!!


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