I think that I am addicted …. and a little bit in love!

August 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Few words are needed.

It’s true, undying, forever love.


(ps. there’s no sugar, it’s all good :))

Joining in today for the first time with Trish at My Little Drummer Boys and her Wordless Wednesday linkup. Go take a peek at some other great photo posts.


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16 Responses to “I think that I am addicted …. and a little bit in love!”

  1. Happylan Says:

    Caramel lattes from Gloria Jeans are my favourite. Yum!


    • Shari Says:

      Ooooh really? I’ve never actually tried one from there yet – I just brew this up at home. I think I’m going to have to though lol ;)


  2. Sis Says:

    So, no sugar….where does the flavour and sweetness come from?!! ;)


    • Shari Says:

      It’s not sweet at all Sis! The aroma would lead you to think that it’s sickly sweet but it isn’t sweet – just like normal coffee – but with the most delicate undertones and infusion of caramel. Sigh. Up you pop and I’ll brew you one up ;) x


  3. Prue @Modern Nomads With Kids Says:

    mmmm. Your right, no words needed.


  4. Trish Says:

    MMM, I must try this.
    Thanks for linking up x Trish MLDB


  5. Rachel from Redcliffe Style Says:

    It may be a little sweet for me – even without the sugar. But I get the love. Mmmm, coffee. Rachel x


  6. Tamara Says:

    Great photo, I am not a fan of coffee but it sure looks inviting from here.


  7. Kelly @ HT and T Says:

    Yum! Delicious. Caramel coffee is my favourite x


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