I really must confess, I am on the biggest mojo hunt

Hello there, it has truly been a while, hasn’t it?

I’d actually love to be able to dazzle with an ahhhhhhhmaaazing tale to excuse my fortnight’s absence …. but alas ……

  • I have not been off saving the world one harp seal at a time,
  • I have not been floating down the Seine on a quaint little houseboat sipping anything delightful,
  • nor have I been struck ill with a debilitating illness (which in all honesty would be the most likely of the three).

Life got very busy. Dealing with school notes, piles of washing, mouldy lunchboxes, meetings and one very out-of-control episode of diarrhoea (no, not me) has caught me lagging way behind and somewhere there, in the midst of clothes yet to be ironed, my mojo is hiding. I’ve been also very preoccupied with the direction that I’m wanting Family Survival Coach to head in and you may have noticed some changes to the site layout.

I’m getting there. Small steps, slowly and very slowly, while I put into place much of the learning that I’m continuing with. Currently, I’ve been trying to create the optimal framework for all that I want to be able to help families with and it is sucking lots of the brain power, sadly to the detriment of this blog. I’ve got soooo many ideas for blog posts and articles and e-tutorials and more …..  but such little mojo …. come back ya’hear, my to-do list is growing by the day!

Just to put it out there (while I’m confessing to not having any exciting excuse for my blogging tardiness) this picture below is EXACTLY what my daily post-it-note battle is beginning to look a lot like. The busyness in my head somehow escapes to become busyness in the form of sticky yellow squares of paper and this, my friends, is the trap I’ve found myself caught in! Does anyone recognise themselves in the scenario?

With so much to say and even more to actually do, it’s possibly best I promptly announce that this post will be joining the I must confess weekly link up held each Monday at Kirsty’s blog and THEN I should really get cracking with some catch up! I’m on a mission!

Have a great start to the week everyone, and if you find it hiding under your sofa, please send my mojo directly back home with a mighty stern word or two!

photo credits: One Way Stock and Ali Nassiri via photopin cc


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10 Responses to “I really must confess, I am on the biggest mojo hunt”

  1. Lisa - lybliss Says:

    Oh Yeah ! That post it note pic is so familiar I can feel hives breaking out even as I type.
    I get like this when I don’t have a clear plan – similar to how you are with Family Life Coach.
    If I know what I’m aiming for I can plan and do it, no problems. But when there is no clear goal post I just seem to wade around in the shallow end and get nowhere!
    This is where I’m at with my old craft design business. I need to get a plan of what I want to keep, how to store it and what to get rid of. As a result it’s everywhere through the house and none of it is working for me.
    I’ll look for your Mojo and you can look for mine. We can meet at the bar at 5pm and swap :-)


  2. Ness Says:

    No advice here really, as I am the most disorganised person EVER. I could never run a business. I hope you find your mojo again soon. Good to see you back! xo


  3. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    I’m just ambling through life right now Shari, trying to blog when I can, but paid work takes priority, but I do love blog reading, esp yours. Makes me feel like I’m not the only one who thinks this way. BTW I love the way your blog looks – that is my next thing, to give mine a makeover, just not sure how or what to do with it. If I find you mojo – I might just KEEP IT – ha nah I promise I won’t xxx


  4. Janet @ Redland City Living Says:

    I’ll give your mojo a smack on the bum and send it home if I find it!

    Go easy on yourself – it’ll come home when it’s good and ready xxx


  5. Tegan Says:

    My mojo has been coming in drips and drabs lately so I have been taking in as it comes. Sometimes that means that my house is spotless and I have a ton of blog posts scheduled..others its a messy house and the blog is all crickets. I am learning to go with the flow though and take it as it comes.


  6. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    Oh Shari, I know this feeling well. Too much to do and then little time or inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. I’m going to take it easy and pray for the mojo to return. I’m sure yours and mine are off together having fun and laughing at us behind our backs!!!!


  7. Jen Hale Says:

    My mojo disappeared late last week. It seems to have come back. I think its the time thing and having to do too much. So…there’s only one way forward :)


  8. Rhianna Says:

    Maybe your mojo has run off with mine? Though my blogging mojo is not so bad it is just my mojo in general. Take some deep breaths and just remember that even small progress is still progress. Sending you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses my lovely friend


  9. Mystery Case Says:

    I posted on Sunday about wanting to have a blogging break, after my second daughter broke a bone on the weekend but it had more to do with losing my mojo than anything else. The very next day, I’m back to blogging and have blogged every day since and have just signed a pretty big sponsorship deal for the blog. I should take blogging breaks (or claim to be taking them) more often.


  10. Jodie@FreshHomeCook Says:

    It all sounds so familiar Shari! Is it a full moon thing – are we all victim to mojo loss at the same time?? I imagine it won’t take you long to find it again – small steps will get you there! :)


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