I must confess … our family has gadget-overload

March 31, 2013

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When the very lovely Kirsty over at My Home Truths let it slip that this week’s confession involved gadgets, and possibly the excessive ownership of such toys, my heart skipped a little fluttery beat.

Gadget-overload is a very real phenomenon and I’ll readily admit that me and my mob are guilty as charged.

That’s ok though, isn’t it? Because, I freaking LOVE gadgets.

I especially adore gadgets that come beautifully boxed with silver apples on white cartons. They are my all-time favourites and my iAffair continues, with the same breathless passion it had when the fire was first lit.

Oh be still, my beating iHeart.

wishing away the contract on my 4s, so I can upgrade to one of these gorgeous babies! Image Source

In our household of 2 adults, 2 teens and a toddler we certainly have an excess of tech gadgetry. There can be no doubt about it – we  must be keeping the company that makes power-boards afloat!

Now, it’s true that some of the following little beauties were gifted, some  were purchased as gently pre-loved and one was even won (yay, me!), this is the current stocktake of gadgetry  …. It’s just a little obscene when put into a list like this …. oooops …..

4 x laptops (includes 3 windows ones and  1 macbook pro);

1 x iMac;

2 x iPads (1st gen and 3rd gen);

2 x iPad minis;

2 x iPhone 4s;

1 x iPhone 5 (and sniff, sniff it’s not mine),

2 x iPods,

and a Microsoft Surface tablet.

Oh, and yes, that excludes the Wii, PSP, PS3 and other assorted out of action mobile phones!

I confess I have a gadget addiction. But I’d LOVE a job working for this company! Image Source

I can honestly state that aside from one small, incredibly slow 10″ mini laptop, all of the above gadgets get a great workout and are used regularly, most often daily. And really, that’s a great deal better than having so much $ invested in electronic toys that just gather dust. Heaven forbid.

Forced to choose what I wouldn’t or couldn’t live without, I may possibly be able to narrow it down to two toys – the iPad (3rd gen) and the iPhone 4S. These little gems are rarely far from my side and the thought of an existence without them both is a scenario I dare not envisage. Out, bad thoughts, out!

Ok, I’ve fessed up now and bared to all the truth of my iAddiction … so it’s your turn … confess if your family is hyperconnected too!

Mac or Windows?

What gadget would you be lost without?

Do you linger at JB-Hi Fi and other such fantasy shopping establishments?

Linking up with Kirsty at My Home Truths, where this week’s confession linky will have others sharing their souls too. Go and give them some loving!



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7 Responses to “I must confess … our family has gadget-overload”

  1. Tegan Says:

    Hmm I couldn’t live without my iphone and my laptop. How on earth would I blog and keep up with the gazillion social media accounts I seem to have acquired lol.


  2. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    I’m definitely in the iCamp – love our apple technology. I forgot to mention that we also have an apple TV and a few other iPod shuffles laying about! My husband pre-ordered the first generation iPad, he knew it would be so toally worthwhile! I personally need my iPhone, iPad and laptop – I could not blog or play or plan without them! I’m also considering a coup to take ownership of my husband’s MacBook as I feel it does not get the attention it deserves – he’s usually on the desktop so I’ll have to find the right opportunity to strike! Thanks so much for playing along and for making me feel a little better about my own stash of technology!


    • Shari Says:

      Oh, I’m backing you all the way with the Macbook stealth operation – what a pity to have it underused when you could offer it so much good lovin’ LOL!
      It’s a great comfort to find other iJunkies … phew … I can convince MOTH that it IS ok!
      Thanks for a great linkup xx


  3. Shari Says:

    Hahaha Tegan – yesssss – all of that social networking on so many accounts would be far too hard without enough gadgets! x


  4. Janet Says:

    Considering my addiction to blogging, social media etc I’m quite restrained with my techno gadgets – a PC and an iphone is it!


  5. lisa Says:

    I am waiting to for my iphone4 to die too so I can upgrade to the 5 too. I am very scared as too technology when my boys are the same age as your kids.


  6. Sis Says:

    oh yes, the iGadget love is alive and well here!!


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