I confess to more than my share of bad hairdos

April 21, 2013

For Mum

Any woman worth her weight in Wella Baslam, if being  honest, could admit to a disastrous hairstyle … or two. When Kirsty at My Home Truths tossed out the challenge to confess some bad dos, I knew I was up for it.

Some women just have beautiful hair.

I don’t.

If I had any confidence in the possibility of a nicely shaped skull, I’d even consider removing the lot of it. At the moment it is long-ish. The second longest it has ever been in my life, and I guess it’s my last hurrah at growing it. At my age, so my mother believes, women should be wearing their hair shorter – you know, mature and all? That may actually be the very single reason why I beg it to keep growing. Always a rebel….

My natural colour could best be described as grey. Kylie, the hairdresser, assures me that at only 70% grey it could be worse. I choose to be blonde. Every six weeks I visit Kylie so that she can drag strands through the streaking cap to disguise the inevitable and keep me looking glamorous. High maintenance but,with a short grey crop the alternative, I’m not ready to be confused for Baby Girl’s Nana. Yet.

In looking back at some of the truly shit hairdos I’ve had, it seemed that words would be useless without evidence. Luckily for the sake of my dignity, some of the worst dos will forever remain my secret as I couldn’t locate the pics. So sorry, I did try though, promise.

If you feel like a chuckle, just take a look at these cracker dos  ….

1. Short. Boring. Needs a colour or something, anything. Blerrrghhh.

2. Medium with flicky bits at the back. Anyone lose their poodle?

3. Mum always made me have short hair growing up and this crew cut was the typical style of my youth. Has it left me with issues? Much?

4. This is pretty much as it is now. Longer than it’s been for years and a blonde bombshell attempt at blending greys.

5. Don’t mind this sleek bob – aside from the need to have the roots done – but ultimately I’m not a daily straightener kind of gal.

6. Woooohoo wind blown furball. Noice!

7. High school, home dyed, short ball of fluff on my head. Very flicky. Very bad.

8. Fire engine red and a short, short fringe. Ewwwwwww, no.

9. This is as good as a fringe gets on me. It’s so-so and, as you can see, I’ve had worse!

10. Ha! It’s a wig! Tricked you!

 Can you recall a particular hair-do disaster? Have you ever had a haircut go horribly wrong? Please tell and share the love!

I’ll be linking this up with Kirsty at My Home Truths next Monday and enjoying what other hairdos will be ‘fessed up to! It’s always great to get something off your chest!

photo credit: JamesDPhotography via photopin cc


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11 Responses to “I confess to more than my share of bad hairdos”

  1. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    I LOVE this Shari – please, oh please link this up next week! I have similarly boofy hair – it’s so hard to manage and contain the frizz. I love photo number 3 (head on a platter anyone?) and the last one – very Kath and Kim – different, unusual, I like it, noice! I’m trying to locate old photos of me for next week’s post too, but not sure how hard I will try to look. Let’s face it, some looks should just remain in the past…. :)


    • Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

      I meant photo number 2 in my reference to your head on a platter – not your sweet, innocent school photo!!


    • Cathy Says:

      Love the hair!! I started off my Flashback Friday link up at the beginning of the year with a tragic school hair evolution post ;) Both of you are invited to link up your hair posts this coming Friday for another round of Flashback Friday :) Just head over to my blog xx


  2. Robomum Says:

    Shari, I like your hair long. I’m was with your mum in that ‘older ladies’ shouldn’t keep their hair long, until I became an older lady. My hair is still quite long… I love your sleek bob but agree with you – it’s high maintenance.


  3. Lisa Says:

    Great hair flashbacks Shari, thankfully most of my evidence has been lost over the years!


  4. Janet Says:

    2, 4 & 5 are my favourites – 1 could work too with some highlights :-)

    10 was my least fave – but it was a wig – so that’s ok!


  5. Me Says:

    Oh, the things we have put ourselves through.
    My Mom also says about having shorter hair as I grow older – maybe this is the rebel in me coming out as well (or maybe it is the hope that one day, just one day, I may have cornrows braided – although when I think about it I probably am too old for those *sigh*)
    Your pic 3 is very similar to what I remember my hair being when I was at school – only I didn’t have a parting in the middle – it was just all combed forward !!!!!
    My favourite ? The bob in #5.
    Thanks for sharing and letting me realise that I’m not the only one with some sad hair dos (even if at the time I thought they were the best thing !!!)
    Have a great day !


  6. Sis Says:

    Ohhhhh yes, i’ve had some shockers! And as you know, mine changes very often- I get bored lol!

    You’re gorgeous however your hair is <3


  7. Kirsty @ My Home Truths Says:

    Thanks for linking this up this week Shari – I love it!


  8. Ness Says:

    None of those styles are too bad compared to the horrific mullet perm I had as teenager. It was a shocker.


  9. Mystery Case Says:

    I want your hair, even on a bad hair day it’s not that bad. I don’t even mind the wig.

    Sorry I’m so late in linking up, it’s been one of those weeks. I’ve just added a little giveaway on the blog that ends Friday morning which might interest you.

    Have a great week.


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