How’s your work/life balance going?

How are YOU going with maintaining a healthy work/life balance? It’s not an easy gig, this caper of trying to squeeze family and work commitments into time that literally seems to disappear before your eyes.

Whether or not you are working outside of the home or from home; full time, part time or casually; maybe even studying, believe that you and your time are valuable and that it is well worth working on getting your balance right. If you think that  your juggling act is a little on the shaky side, don’t despair. I hear you. As I’m sure do many other busy women. The house of cards that is a busy life can be made a little sturdier though by reminding ourselves of some pressure-reducing tips.

Which of these strategies are you embracing in order to make your life more manageable?

Stay healthy! Look after your wellbeing with a diet of nutritious foods, adequate exercise and  ample sleep. Chocolate and alcohol are not long term solutions ;)

Outsource, outsource, outsource! Good riddance to those tasks that don’t need to be done by you. Roster the kids to do age appropriate chores, pay someone to help with the cleaning or ironing, get the kid up the road to mow your lawn. Accept that you don’t have to be the one doing everything.

Plan for downtime. Book an appointment for yourself into your diary and keep the time slot free to do something for YOU. Treat it as a scheduled task and make it a regular thing.

Ask for help. Seeking assistance when you need it can save oodles of time and stress. If someone offers their help, accept it, it’s ok, really it is :)

If things become overwhelming set some goals – short, mid and long term. Break tasks down into little baby steps so they don’t seem insurmountable. Remember that the big picture is always made up of many little pieces.

Use technology wisely. Tools such as online planners and calendars are a great way to stay organized and on top of things. Emails are often more efficient than phone calls. Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter on the other hand, not so much ;)

Accept that you won’t always get it right. Sometimes your week will be super-crazy hectic. Hell, sometimes it might be a month of madness!!  Don’t beat yourself up about it. Stop. Breathe. Reprioritise while having a nice bubble bath!

Learn to say no. When you’re over stretched don’t feel guilty about saying NO to additional tasks or responsibilities. It’s important to stick to your limits (and your guns) once you’ve identified that you are at capacity. If it’s something crucial, someone else can tend to it and if it’s not, then well, it can wait!

Investigate flexibility. Check out what options you have to create some flexibility at work. Is there the possibility of job sharing, going part time, adjusting start and finish times etc? Think about what would work well for you, your family AND your workplace and then make time to discuss your ideas with someone.

Reward yourself. When things are falling into place and going swimmingly, pat yourself on the back and grab a treat (or 2). You don’t have to be superwoman to be a good juggler ;)



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