How well do you remember to take your medication?

Are you someone who is naturally good at remembering to take medication – prescribed or otherwise??

You are??

Well I am truly jealous, and you can just skip this post, as it’s aimed at people just like me – those who are SHOCKING at maintaining a medication regime. I actually believed that I was destined to a lifetime of tablet-taking inadequacy until I discovered a cracking little FREE iphone app with all the features any tablet-taker could ever hope for!

Introducing the Daily Meds iPhone app lifesaver (no, this is not a sponsored post, just an awesome download!)


Great features include:

  • password protection – reassuring when you don’t want the entire world knowing your medical business!
  • Multiple profiles – I’ve only got my schedule on here but could add others in the household if needed
  • Medication profiles – cutely assigned to ‘pillboxes’ – you can add an image of the medication, the drug name, how you take it, the form it comes in, total dose strength, when it should be taken, how long for (ie short term like antibiotics or long term like some other meds), the number remaining so you can be reminded when it is time to fill your script and even more!
  • the ability to email a list of your medication details
  • an all-important REMINDER (hallelujah!)
Of course being a FREE app there are small ads running across the bottom of the screen but after using Daily Meds for the past week this hasn’t bugged me at all.

I really believe this app is a must-have for anyone caring for an elderly relative ….. or for individuals with complex medication schedules ….. and, oh,of course, for fog-brained forgetfuls, just like me ;)




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