Glum mum bum hum

June 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Yesirreee, it’s raining again … or still – depending on how you want to look at it, I guess.

The tanks are beyond full and overflowing, the chill’run are feral, Ma, the state of the house is nothing short of disgraceful and my brain has turned to utter mush. I’d equate it to something resembling sloppy-squashed-pea consistency and possibly a similar colour, too. Not good.

If I were to dare reflect for a tic on all that 1. needs to be done, 2. should be done and 3. could be done, I’d faint. No word of a lie. It’s that kind of day and my motivation is WELL below zero on the give-a-shit scale. It seems to be the way with me this week, and I’m just saying that the seriously cold, miserable weather and my mojo are not playing together nicely. At all!

I decided that I would be a helpful sister-in-law and volunteered to create a photobook for the in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. I should have been a smart sister-in-law instead and offered to do something (anything!) not reliant upon a crappy slow-as-a-wet-week internet connection (yep, pun indeed intended). 4 hours into the project I am about 40something% of the photo upload and about 200something% over it. I think I may be here for the long haul. My lack of enthusiasm for this merely reflects the kind of 48-72 hours it has been.

I think that I’ll make a pledge with myself though, right NOW. That’s is. I am going to stand-up, spin around, sparkle-up  and not let the gloomy weather make me a glum-mum and all that. Besides, there’s only another 5 or so hours of uploading to go, so I may as well busy myself usefully while I wait ….. and wait …… and wait …… filing nails ….. hmmmmmmm ……. waiting. Checking out to get the things that must be done, done – I’m a woman of my word!

How do you keep all revved-up, raring to go when it all goes to slush. Motivation tips very gratefully received!


PS.  Hmmmmm 50something% uploaded. We have progress!





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One Response to “Glum mum bum hum”

  1. Grace Says:

    Love how you wrote an entire blog post and everything still hadn’t downloaded yet. Sounds like you have more patience with your internet connection than I do with mine :)


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