Friends … some of them you’re stuck with forever!

July 13, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Without giving too much away ;), I’ve just finished writing and submitting my article for Issue 7 of Etz Magazine. In this issue, I’ve written on the topic of friendship and  I’ve made particular reference to a long time dear friend of mine. Let’s call her Margo. Why the heck not, that is her name (no Rob-the-dentist avoidance of the limelight here!) We’ve been friends for evvvvvvver and then a day. In fact, Margo is one of the first people I ever knew. When my Mum and Dad brought me home from hospital, it was to a little house whose yard backed onto another little house, in which lived 10 month old Margo with her Mum and Dad. The deal was done.

Not too long after we moved. Only a street away. And there was a cute little grassy lane that must have been designed specifically as a path from mine to hers and back again. We went to Kindy together, and then were in the same classes through Grade One, Grade Two, Grade Three, Grade Four, Grade Five, Grade Six, Grade Seven and Grade Eight. We were at the same school for the rest of our schooldays, in separate classes though, and although we each had new peeps and moved in different circles, we were still ‘there’, if you know what I mean?


Margo is the kind of friend I sometimes worry about introducing to others. Not because she’s uncouth and full of bad manners (which she’s not), but because she knows every little detail about me and can recount the times we’ve shared where, let’s just say, ummmmahhhhhh, we may have been naughty little girls. Like the time we were in Grade Five and over at her place …. and her Mum was out. Not much on the telly in those days so we decided to entertain ourselves. With chalk. On her driveway. In BIG, BOLD letters we busily scrawled every single rude word we could think of. Like poo. And bum. And wee. Bottom. Fart. Scandalous don’t you think? Well it was wet-your-pants-funny until her Mum drove in and then it was suddenly no longer funny at all. Her Mum was scary and in living memory I don’t think I’ve ever scampered from anywhere as quickly.

When we grew up a bit, we even shared a house while I was a student. I didn’t study much, but by jingo we had a cracker of a time! There really are too many memories to tell, and anyway so many of them should not ever be published!

31 years on and it’s school reunion time!

We now live an hour’s drive from one another and make sure that we get to spend time together regularly. There was and still is so much to laugh about and to this day we remain each others very best blackmail-able-buddies ;). There is a truly awesome aspect to this tale though, aside from a friendship spanning 40+ years. Between us we have 4 sons who are following in our friendship footsteps and have absolutely huge fun hanging out together! They’ll be mates for life too, and that makes Margo and I both very proud!

Do be sure to see check out my full article in Etz Magazine, available for purchase in September :) It’s full of gorgeousness – heaps of articles, how-to’s and so much more!

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5 Responses to “Friends … some of them you’re stuck with forever!”

  1. Melissa {Suger} Says:

    Naaaaw. I LOVE THIS. thanks for sharing your friendship with us, if only for a moment. I love the fact your boys are now all friends. That’s like the cherry on top!


    • Shari Says:

      Thank you so much for popping over Melissa! I truly love how the boys are 2nd generational buddies too – especially as it’s a genuine friendship and not just ’cause we locked them all in a room together when they were younger or anything ;)


  2. Grace Says:

    That’s a gorgeous story, Shari! I love how you call each other “blackmail-able buddies” So true when you’ve known somebody for that long :)
    And yes, writing rude words with chalk on a driveway is so scandalous! :)


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Grace and thanks so much for the opportunity to link :)
      The blackmail-stakes are quite high, I will NOT be letting her near a microphone on my 50th!! ;)


  3. ~shazz~ Says:

    You are obviously a “forever” friend, pet because that’s how I feel about you.
    We may not be forever friends but I feel like I have been you friend forever.
    And as for those scandalous driveway chalk scrawlings…..I ever knew you knew “such” words……*trying very hard not to laugh here*


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