Fight the frazzle with these stress busting techniques!

April 18, 2013

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Stress management is something that I continually work on – rolling with the punches is just not inherent in my nature. From even a wee age, I had tendency to worry and also to allow myself to get over-stressed. If you’ve been there, you’ll certainly know that being a stress-bunny is just no fun. At. All.

Fast forward many years, and also many more life-experiences, and I’m pleased to say that my self-talk has been well trained. Of course it’s a work in progress and if you were to ask whether I still experience stress, my honest answer would be: “hell YES, and something about a bear relieving himself in the woods.” Of course I do, but I’m pleased to have on board a decent set of strategies and techniques to assist in such situations. They have served me well.

To a huge extent our personality, being in-built of course, determines how we deal with stressful events in our lives. That’s a given. There are however a great number of steps we can take, and techniques we can be trained in, to reduce the impact of stress. Stress-bunnies rejoice, there is hope and help!

Here are five simple things that can help you keep stress levels under control:

Catch some extra zzzzzz

Stressed? Then try and sleep more. Busy lifestyles mean that it’s quite common to survive on 6 hours sleep a night or sometimes even less but tired and cranky are great pals and one is usually found hanging out with the other. I know that it’s not always simple to grab a few extra hours, but it really is worth doing whatever it takes in order to.

Create a gentle, peaceful bedroom that encourages quality sleep and avoid making the bedroom your TV space or office-on-a-mattress. Unwinding, relaxing and rejuvenating should be the goal.

Keep believing

Believe in the universe not providing you with more than you can handle. Believe that from every tough situation and life lesson can come the opportunity for learning and growth. Believe that most people are good people. Believe that this too, shall pass. Believe in YOU and your ability to master your emotions. Believe in your ability to forgive – others and yourself. And lastly if you have faith – pray, as saying a short prayer in times of stress can give you a sense of calm, especially when a situation is one that is beyond your control.

Unplug for a  little while

Our access to instant information and instant contact offers such convenience but is it actually a double-edged sword? I know that there are times when I am certainly over connected to my digital world, and it’s not until I disconnect for a bit that my head stops spinning. You don’t need to be available to everyone all the time. If need be, use technology to your advantage – for instance I have my phone programmed not to ring after 8.15pm at night. You can try calling, but I won’t answer because I can’t hear it. I’ve decided from that time each evening, it’s my off-time and I control who I have contact with … it’s a great feeling.

Treat yourself

Do something special for yourself. That’s right, just for you. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate and in fact a simple treat is often the best. A visit to the day spa would feature highly for me – but when time and money are short on the ground even dying my own hair is a huge pick-me-up. Of course special little treats don’t need to be beauty salon fancy-schmancy – a new e-book downloaded, a favourite dvd or even a teeny-weeny chocolate treat are all great stress busters for me …. what might do it for you?

Take a break

Are you owed annual leave? Why not take it? Even a spare weekend or overnight away from home can work wonders. If you are even more pressed for time, and many of us are, consider an afternoon at the park or a walk on the beach. Just take some time to escape from the reality of too many demands. Any time that you can manage away from thoughts of work, bills, assignments, deadlines, conflict etc is time very well spent.

The good news and the not so good news …

The great news is that there are many strategies and techniques to assist with stress management and minimisation. The not so good news is that of course stress is bound to occur – sometimes sporadically … and sometimes in a great big lump sum.

Breathe deeply, practice your self care and give stress a big kick up the bum! Life really is better when you’re calm.

Thrilled to be flogging with Grace again over at her place. Be sure to stay and read a while. See you there!

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9 Responses to “Fight the frazzle with these stress busting techniques!”

  1. Pip Says:

    Such good advice. My middle name is stress. I average 6 hrs sleep a night and KNOW I should be having more but my mind won’t stop. I think I like the treat yourself – and my aim is to focus on meditation to stop the whirring in my brain. Thanks for the tips! cheers Pip (found you on FYBF)


  2. Collett Smart Says:

    “Life really is better when you’re calm.” – So true, so true!
    I love this list Shari.


  3. Kaz @ Melting Moments Says:

    All great tips. I have tried many of them but am so inconsistent. Thank you for the reminder :)


  4. Grace Says:

    I have still yet to organise that weekend away. I will do it!
    Thanks for the reminder on all the important things to keep us stress-free!


  5. Mumabulous Says:

    There’s much wisdom in your words. I resembled a stress bunny at work this afternoon. Even though I have a busy weekend coming up – I’ll try and take just a little time out for myself.


  6. Lisa Wood Says:

    I am so taking on board the sleeping when stressed!! I try to keep calm but sometimes its not easy…getting out for a walk works well as well as deep breathing.
    Sleep is something that I do not have enough of, but working on listening to my body from now on :)


  7. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    Great advice for sure, I just need a few hours break from my trio every few days and it helps me! And unplugging is another great one – especially from my blog, it can take over your life if you let it I reckon!


  8. Larry Says:

    Don’t you think “unplugging” will cause more stress….or would it be better to accomplish all tasks first….to limit stress?


    • Shari Says:

      Hi Larry! Thanks so much for stopping by. Good question – if there are things that need to be done, then I agree it’s best to get these finished in order to limit stress but the idea of unplugging from the bombardment that technology can bring is one way of minimising the potential stress caused by the around the clock contact. Even if for one day on the weekend you’re not connected to email, twitter, facebook etc etc it can be such a freedom!


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