Driving with Dead People – A Summer Reading Recommendation

December 22, 2012

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Driving with Dead People -

A Summer Reading Recommendation

Driving with Dead People

Driving with Dead People – Thumbs up – I’m Recommending it!
{image borrowed from goodreads.com}


In need of a good summer reading recommendation?

Summer holidays + a great book = BLISS, ooooooh yeah!

You know that reading is a super-awesome pastime, right? Well lazing on holidays and enjoying a book that you’ve held onto – patiently waiting ages to read – is positively my idea of Utopia.

If you’ve some time on your hands these holidays and are looking for a good summer reading recommendation, I’m going to point you in the direction of Driving With Dead People – a memoir by Monica Holloway.

Small wonder that, at nine years old, Monica Holloway develops a fascination with the local funeral home. With a father who drives his Ford pickup with a Kodak movie camera sitting shotgun just in case he sees an accident, and whose home movies feature more footage of disasters than of his children, Monica is primed to become a morbid child.Yet in spite of her father’s bouts of violence and abuse, her mother’s selfishness and prim denial, and her siblings’ personal battles and betrayals, Monica never succumbs to despair. Instead, she forges her own way, thriving at school and becoming fast friends with Julie Kilner, whose father is the town mortician.

The blurb at www.goodreads.com  was enough to have me hankering for some serious reading time and I was not disappointed. Throughout some of this, it’s difficult to believe that Monica Holloway has written a memoir and not a piece of fiction – I’m promising you a page-turner with this one!

Here’s a summer reading recommendation - Driving with Dead People!

What book has captured your attention lately?


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One Response to “Driving with Dead People – A Summer Reading Recommendation”

  1. ~shazz~ Says:

    I can highly recommend “The Woman Who Wasn’t There”, Shari.

    A fascinating read – a true story about the 9-11 tragedy and one woman’s deception.


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