Doing vs To-doing

November 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I love me a good “to-do” list. In face I’ve lots and lots of bits of paper and notepads, all choca-block full of well-intended scrawl. In many previous attempts to organise my “to-doing” I’m sure that I have singlehandedly kept Officeworks in business.

Ahhhooooohsighhhhh stationery fetish, but I digress.

I’m finding myself currently swamped with have-to-dos, should-dos, could-dos, want-to-dos and doubtful-I’ll-get-to-its. The number of tasks I’ve crammed onto my scrappy lists is not necessarily the problem, the issue is my conversion rate. It’s actually disgraceful as very few tasks are progressing from the to-do, to the doing, let alone  the done column.

And yet the ideas keep coming, those lists keep multiplying and progress is slow, if not at a standstill some days. Stop for a bit busy brain … please!

I’ve decided that with a chaotic time of year on the horizon (well helllllllo Christmas, how long till you swing by??) I’m going to undo the screws and take the pressure off a bit. Step back, simplify, prioritise a little bit more wisely. Nah, probably not, but I am going to pull my finger out and organise what NEEDS doing as opposed to what WANTS doing so at least some things get DONE!

That means the to-do job for today is to consolidate ALL of those built-up tasks into a single list – ranked according to urgency, looming deadlines and fun-worthiness (obviously some will rank higher than others), cross at least one of those pesky tasks off and not stress about what yet remains to do. If it’s not urgent then it can still be done tomorrow …  or even the day after …..

See? Mindful breathing, permission to not feel snowed under, a kind of zen moment and it’s better already ;) …. or maybe it’s just time for another Officeworks shop-up for a couple of new notebooks and pens!

What’s a sure fire strategy you’ve used to escape from drowning in the sea of overwhelming?

Or are you an Officework-lovin’-list-junkie too?

It’s Tuesday! So, again I’m linking up with Jess’s IBOT …… over at her lurvely new-ish home Essentially Jess! 

Have you checked it out yet, because it’s awesome!!

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10 Responses to “Doing vs To-doing”

  1. Lyndal Says:

    there is nothing like a good list and brand new stationery… heaven!



  2. Twitchy Says:

    I hear you on the listy things. I have lists that do not ease up at all! Every Monday after school drop off I put out a call to my Fairy Godmother and the mean old cow never shows :( #teamIBOT


  3. Stacey-Lee Says:

    Sounds like me :D I was recently looking for something I had written in a notebook somewhere. Hmmm…turns out I have something like 12 notebooks going at one time!! My task now is the ‘consolidate’ and appropriately assign a notebook for each thing but also keep them to a minimum. I do however have one place to list my ‘need to-do’s, the notebooks are more ideas, must write down at the time and a lot of want-to-do’s. Best of luck with your consolidation.


  4. Michelle @ Blundermum Says:

    I admit, I have been known to write someone on the list that I’ve already done, just so I can cross it off :)


  5. Eleise @A Very Blended Family Says:

    I want new stationary now. I think to do lists are so important otherwise we just delaying important tasks!

    Great reminder to write todays list.


  6. Mums Take Five Says:

    you know i have been banned from bits of paper. Hubby has said i have endless technology that can do all that i do not need pens and paper…. i’m trying.
    i do find using google drive for my lists pretty handy and i am coping with finding my phone or tablet instead of a pen but … i am sitting with a phone and a laptop and i have just written something down on a scrap of paper – oops


  7. Krystle Says:

    I’ve been know to say I live for to-do lists. I’ve recently been testing apps which will sync with other people but have once again reverted to pen and paper. I mistakenly thought that if the to-do list were in app form my husband might be a little more willing to mow the lawn or take the bins out. I was very, very wrong.

    I do love my daily to-do list. Basically flylady routine, what’s for dinner, any errands or misc jobs. Works a treat for me.


  8. Lisa Barton-Collins Says:

    I love a list. I really am a list junkie. I have different lists for different things, and sometimes those things have their own notebook. Sometimes an item on a list will reference another list. I have a gardening list, a shopping list/s (grocery, clothing, christmas presents, things for the house, hardware items, things to keep my eye out for when op shopping, etc)as well as lists of renovations that need doing, furniture projects, business ideas, health related goals; honestly – this list could go on and on. I think that sometimes I am just dumping things out of my head, and the best place to dump them is on a spreadsheet – I am almost certain to never visit a spreadsheet list again!


  9. Tara Says:

    Officeworks? Hell no! You have got to get to Kikki K. I spend a BOMB in that shop!

    But my lists look pretty so it’s totally worth it. I seem to feeling this same way today! Frantic, but not getting anything done, and neverending lists! Particularly at Christmas time!

    Now, best get back to my list!


  10. EssentiallyJess Says:

    I love stationary and to-do lists!
    I figure if I get 80% of my list done, that’s a good thing. :)


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