Dear Motivation

May 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Dear Motivation

I’m just writing to see how you are, it’s been a little while since I’ve seen you.

Not an awful lot has happened here, but you’ve been sorely missed.

It would be fabulous if you could write back soon with an anticipated date for your return.

Hear from you soon

love, me xxx


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One Response to “Dear Motivation”

  1. Julienne Boothman Says:

    You are a moron. Pride in your job is JUST NOT POSSIBLE for many professions, because too many idiots block you from being able to do your job effectively. Projects get cancelled more often than not, and when you’ve invested yoruself, your creativity, and your pride in them, it kills you emotionally. And it doesn’t help much when your boss says “don’t worry about it, its just how this industry is; things get cancelled a lot. Just be happy you’re getting paid.” The only way to survive in my industry is to NOT CARE about what you are doing, and just plug along and do the best you can. Remain detached. But, I agree, thats a horrible way to live your life, so I am looking for some EXIT as soon as possiblea career change, whatever. I’ve tried 3 times before to quit this industry, but there is no way to make more money doing anything else, in fact, I make SIGNIFICANTLY less if I take a different joband worse, they won’t even hire me when I try to take an ordinary’ job because they see my work history and how much I made and they aren’t interested. I have tried lying about my work history, but that just makes me look like I have ZERO experience working, and they still won’t hire me. What the hell does one do in my situation!?!?!?!


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