D-D-Date Night

February 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces, For Mum

D-D-Date Night, yeah baby!

Spending ample quality time as a couple is so important when it comes to nurturing a relationship, all the good how-to books say that, don’t they? But the reality for most of us is that day-to-day drudgery of household management, parent taxi service commitments and “must-see-can’t-miss-an-episode”crap TV are all factors that result in “ample quality time” looking a bit more like “Huh? I know we’ve met, but …”. Ok, a bit extreme, however when busy schedules and exhaustion collide, there’s not a lot of time left for nurturing adult relationships.


Enter Date Night. A planned evening set aside for re-connecting with each other and engaging in real conversation (and whatever other activity may arise). Time to talk about you, about them, about life and the things that matter for you as individuals and as a couple WITHOUT the interruption of “Mummmmmmmm, Mummmm”.

Sharing my life with a 7-day a week working man means that date nights are infrequent however they’re great when they roll around and woohoo tonight’s a date night. An away one, at the Coast, seeing a show, having dinner then breakfast ALL before heading back to planet Real World tomorrow! Can you tell that there’s a touch of excitement happening here? Ok, so more than just a touch!

Because so many of us who have probably slipped out of a regular date night routine, here are 5 tips I’m suggesting that could help make successful couple nights a more frequent occurrence in your life:

1. Put it on the calendar and treat it like any other important appointment. If it’s scheduled on the calendar, it’s a must-do. Try to make it a regular event, if you can.

2. No unnecessary distractions – the TV can go off for a while, the phone can be set to silent and the kids can be somewhere else. See Tip 3!

3. Enlist the support of family or friends for a childminding swap so the adults can have this quality time. It’s very likely that the kids will look forward to hanging out with their grandparents/aunty/friend for a little while too.

4. Don’t feel that you have to go anywhere flash or spend much money on anything fancy. A great date night can be had with a favourite home cooked meal, candlelight, discussion and boardgames ;)

5. If at first date night seems awkward because coupledom has grown cobwebs, remember that committing to together time regularly will really strengthen your relationship.

I’d love to hear about your date night thoughts?

Do you get the chance to have together time often? What are your best tips for quality time together?

It’s Friday so I’m flogging this with gorgeous Grace at her Flog Yo Blog Friday . Friday reading is always better flogged – see you there!

photo credit: DimitraTzanos via photopin cc


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10 Responses to “D-D-Date Night”

  1. Me Says:

    We used to have date night at least once a fort-night. Now K is older and nto at home much we don’t schedule it in because most nights it is the two of us and we do make a point of talking to each other and not just sitting in front of the TV for hours at a time.
    It is hard when there are so many distractions and certainly something that you need to work at otherwise when the children grow up you find that you have grown apart and really don’t know that much about each other or have that much in common. I think it helps that I am still married to my best friend !
    Have a great weekend !
    #FYBF visitor


    • Shari Says:

      It was a great weekend, Me, thanks :)
      I agree whole heartedly with needing to work on it – I’m like you though and am thankful I’m with someone I’d class as a best friend. x


  2. Wendy Parks Says:

    we sued to take it in turns to plan date night…then we had a baby.
    Date night is not so regular, but we still do try to make the effort. This is a good reminder. Tonight I’m going to sit down with my husband and the calendar and book in a date night…oh, hang on…he’s not home tonight….


    • Shari Says:

      Ahhh yes, once baby comes, it’s a brand new ball game isn’t it, Wendy?!
      I hope you managed to find some quiet time with hubby and calendar x


  3. Twitchy Says:

    Yes!! Well done and fully agree. For our 10th anniversary a few years ago, I started an annual tradition that’s served us well. We’ve booked annual season tickets to 3x winter/spring musicals. We book the grandmas weeks in advance and have 3 guaranteed date nights and sleep ins! Marriage maintenance is important- even if you are both tempted to shut an eye in the dark theatre every now and again.


    • Shari Says:

      Now I do like that tradition – it’s a super idea, even if the show disappoints the sleep in is a deadset winner!! Thanks for this tip, I think I might get onto it! x


  4. Grace Says:

    We try and do a date night at least once a month. Whether that’s just going to the movies or going for a walk down the beach.
    It’s so important to spend that time together. And although there are times when we’ve been close to just booking a hotel room to get some sleep, we make that concerted effort to stay awake and enjoy each other’s company :) x


    • Shari Says:

      Love that you make that regular time to spend with each other, Grace and you’re right – even a walk down to the beach together is time well spent, it’s all about the connection x


  5. Emily @ Have a laugh on me Says:

    I think I spend too much time on the computer at night and my hubby has mad a comment so I’m going to make an effort to do less. Great post :)


    • Shari Says:

      Oooops Em, guilty here too! By the time MOTH gets home from the farm, I’m usually well hooked on some social media or blog reading – balance is always good xx


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