Cyberbargain Love aka Why online retail therapy is the bomb!

June 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It’s no secret that a case of the sads can often be effectively treated with a decent dose of retail therapy. Aren’t I right, girls? Said therapy need not be extravagant and quite often a simple little purchase can quadruple its worth in smiles and satisfaction. Westfield was invented for a reason wasn’t it!

It’s not always possible to drop everything and visit your therapist¬†flee to the shops when the immediate need strikes and that’s when the wonderful online 24hr-a-day interweb shopping mall has you well and truly covered. Why thank you Mr Google!

There are some seriously good reasons why online shopping is the bomb, here are just a couple ….

  • Fantasise about shopping without having to even get dressed for the day? Me too! Mr PayPal does not give a rats that I’m checking out whilst still in my jammies. We’re mates like that, you know!
  • Want to compare prices before buying WITHOUT having to drag the kids from store to store to store and back again? You’re hearing me right?
  • Hate being asked “Hi, how’s your day been?” by a gorgeous young size 8 thing when you’re hunting through a rack of clothes to see if they make anything at all in a size larger than M?
Many of the big name retailers have now wised up to the fact that online shopping is how we consumers like to roll. Tons of your favourite traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores now offer a cyber service and often their website can be where to head for end of season or clearance bargains. Just like the goodies I snapped up from Typo (you know, the Smiggle for grown ups) which arrived in a big brown box at my place today!

1. Very groovy denim boots – $5.00! Yep, you read that right, about the same price as a cup of coffee! Love ‘em!

2. Polkadot notebook. My love affair with polkadots AND places to scribble notes and ideas continues :)

3. Retro style to do list pad – my sincere attempt at better organisation and a b-b-bargain at $4.00

4. Cute-to-boot melamine cow plate – smaller size = smaller portions, see how clever I can be?

5. A tabbed recipe book – no more scraps of paper floating around and a zip pocket for cuttings. Perfect find :)

Goodies galore and the best of all was that it was a double-bunger cheer-up. Hooray at ordering and super-hooray at the delivery. I think it’s a site I’ll keep my eye on!

Disclosure: Nothing sponsored here, all purchased and paid for myself. Recommendation comes from personal satisfaction and a wee-little liking for cool-banana things ;)

So, tell us, what was your last online purchase? Do you cyber shop much? Do share!



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3 Responses to “Cyberbargain Love aka Why online retail therapy is the bomb!”

  1. Sis Says:

    Last online purchase…hmm…oh! I’m still waiting for it to arrive. A new battery charger for my point and shoot camera. Thanks Ebay and cheap Hong Kong sellers! Getting an extra battery too- all for $20 incl postage!

    The more I shop online the more I really don’t like shopping centres….SO many rude people!


  2. Shari Says:

    Ebay bargains are super good! And yes m’am, rude people in shopping centres (other hunters and staff) make online shopping so much more pleasurable x


  3. Dani @ Fitness Food And Style Says:

    Awwwww……you’ve opened up a can of worms here Sheri!!!! I AM SOOOO in love with ONLINE SHOPPING, it’s unreal. Can you imagine me taking 4 kids shopping and trying on clothes in one of those tight small cubicles? That’s a blog post and half to write about, won’t even go there!

    Last online purchase was a cordless iron (can’t wait to try it!!). I hear you asking why I bought a cordless iron? You sound like my husband ;-) you know for those days that you couldn’t be bothered pulling out the entire ironing board and can’t find another long extension cord to connect to the iron as you’re ironing your bed linen directly on your bed!!???? YES! I’m busted, that’s how I roll. I iron as I go so if I see creases in our doona or pillows, I give them an iron then and there!!!! Pretty pathetic huh???

    Loving your blog Sheri, it’s the bomb! Helps me soooo much with brood of 2+2

    Luv ya!
    Dani xxx


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