Cheering for Summer Fruit Season

December 11, 2012


Cheering for Summer Fruit Season

Summer Fruit is here!

Hooray, the fruits of summer are here

Summer is a top season – it means the excitement of Christmas, the click of leather on willow during Test Cricket and of course longer, warmer days.

Personally, and this is coming from someone always thinking about what next to put in the belly, I reckon the BEST thing about summer is the wonderful summer fruits that we are blessed to have on offer at this time of year. How spoilt are we??!

My family has long been associated with the fruit and veg industry and so summer fruits were very much a part of my childhood.  Memories of Dad coming home from the markets lugging boxes of cherries, trays of mangoes and bags of lychees are strong, and so my addiction to the fruits of summer, and in particular, cherries started at an early age.

Cherries are my all time favourite summer fruit, you know and …..  just between us ….. I’ve been known to eat nothing but cherries (many, many cherries) for an entire day. There is no need in this forum to discuss the ramifications of such a bold move, but let’s just say subsequent time spent visiting the bathroom did not deter me from future cherry binges.

Nectarines, peaches and lychees are also summer fruits I choose and enjoy very much, but they really do play second fiddle to my beloved of all summer delights, the cherry.

At the risk of sounding VERY un-Queenslander-like here, I do need to admit a very strong dislike for the iconic mango. Those before-mentioned glorious memories of Dad showering us with the freshest of summer stone fruits is a little tarnished by the distinct odour of mango. Gag. Ick, yuck! Orange and mango fruit juice I can tolerate (at a push and shove) but fresh mango, or even the very thought of it, makes me shudder with repulsion. I indeed struggle being in the vicinity of a mango-eater. Weird don’t you think?

Summer fruit is certainly my best coping mechanism for the scorch of summer, but I’d love to know what’s your favourite seasonal delight?

 Cheering – it’s summer fruit season!

It’s Tuesday! So, again I’m linking up with Jess’s IBOT …… over at the purely awsome Essentially Jess!

Have you checked it out yet, because it’s awesome!!

&nbspphoto credit: Premshree Pillai via photopin cc


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12 Responses to “Cheering for Summer Fruit Season”

  1. Mums Take Five Says:

    I hear you!
    i almost did a skip in the F&V shop the other day. yay.
    i also have a dislike for mango – can’t eat it at all
    i have never eaten that many Cherries though tee hee


    • Shari Says:

      Oh I am so glad that there are others on my anti-mango team!! You can learn from my experience with the cherries if you like, there really is a limit ;)


  2. iSophie Says:

    Local farmer put his cheery sign up a couple of weeks ago, how happy I was to see that sign! Not as happy as I will be when I see his raspberry sign though… hanging out for that one!

    I love mangoes, but I hardly get to eat them because the 8yr old gobbles them all up before I have the chance.


  3. Rina Says:

    Oh my! That picture is surely make me drooling :) i love mangoes!…not fond of the juice but if it’s super cold it’s refreshing.


    • Shari Says:

      It is a delicious looking picture isn’t it, and you know if I was more skilled, I’d have photoshopped cherries over that mango :)


  4. Becc Says:

    I am with you. Throw all the stone fruit you can at me, but you can keep your mango. I thought I was the only one in the world!
    Becc via #ibot


  5. Annaleis Says:

    I don’t much like mangoes either. Love watermelon!


  6. Janet Says:

    Maybe mango is an acquired taste – I only started liking them in the last few years and now I *love* them!

    I used to love Wilson plums (still do, but they are hard to find these days) and ate so many when pregnant with my first child that my workmates joked I was going to give birth to a 7lb plum!!!


    • Shari Says:

      Oh Janet, I really just can’t do it :(
      Love that your colleagues joked about that – you must have eaten HEAPS of them. Do they have the same effect as cherries?? ;)


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