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My hankering for online convenience and your chance to win big!

May 7, 2013


Disclosure: I’m not being paid to write this post but I am entering it into a competition with some great prizes on offer. All opinions are my own. I do lots online and given the opportunity would gladly do much more. It’s not that I avoid contact with people, because I can be social and […]

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Cars and I don’t always play nicely. A confession.

May 5, 2013


It’s all fun and games now that my Big Boy is a learner driver. Not so long ago it seems he was a learner walker, and the world really did seem a safer place back then. You see, I’m terrified that he may have inherited my crap-automobile-management genes, and if so this may not actually […]

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When your child’s driving is no longer just up the wall!

April 23, 2013


I know every Mum laments the all-too quick passing of years, but seriously, last week in one sudden swoop my first born turned 16 and became a learner driver. These two milestones combined to prove a slap of reality for this Mum who, despite being cough …. shhhh mid 40s, furiously denies birthing a child […]

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Fight the frazzle with these stress busting techniques!

April 18, 2013


Stress management is something that I continually work on – rolling with the punches is just not inherent in my nature. From even a wee age, I had tendency to worry and also to allow myself to get over-stressed. If you’ve been there, you’ll certainly know that being a stress-bunny is just no fun. At. […]

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Are you involved?

April 16, 2013


Today is Tuesday! And we all know that Tuesday means blogging along with Jess’s IBOT, right? Good. But today’s Tuesday is special, it’s the second in the month and you might not know it, but that means it’s the P and C meeting. Tonight, 7.30pm sharp! And, look, before we go any further, I must […]

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Live blogging

April 12, 2013


Good morning to you, on this, the final day of the Queensland school holidays. Said with a mop of the brow and an extended exhale. If you are in another state, yet to break for the end of Term, I’m wishing you 2 weeks of all the very best! To mark the date, I find […]

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