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Swooning over the years – confessing to celebrity crushes

July 30, 2013


When I read that the weekly get-it-off-your-chest link-up hosted by Kirsty over at her place, My Home Truths, this time was about ‘fessing up to your celebrity crushes, I was IN. My celebrity crushes of youth were often made public by being plastered on the cover of my brown-paper covered school books, before  of course […]

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Sharing some App lurrrrrrve

July 23, 2013


When I get the opportunity and time to explore iTunes for some new iPad Apps, I am seriously one happy camper. Look, I know that should there ever be a house fire (heaven forbid) tradition suggests that it is appropriate to firstly save your kids and then secondly your photos. Right? Well …. ok … I […]

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The ultimate home-made takeaway dinner!

June 22, 2013


We live a little bit out of the way in a small-ish rural town. Although, it’s only an hour and a dribble away from our state’s capital city, where I live is a quiet, pokey kind of place and I like it that way. I really do (oh, ok apart from the fact that I […]

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And this one time …..

June 16, 2013


I’ll open this post by saying that the best lesson in life I’ve ever learnt is that there are some things that, no matter how much you’d like them to, just can’t be undone. Dr Phil quite frequently uses the phrase: “it is what it is” and during some tough times, I’ve even adapted that […]

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What cheeses me off!!

June 10, 2013


I must confess that despite being an easy going, roll-with-the-punches kind of gal there are certainly some peeves that irritate me much more than I wish I’d let them. That in itself is something I find damn annoying – the realisation that some things get under my skin much more than I’d like. I hate […]

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So how does yours start?

May 28, 2013


For me, it always starts the same ….. Throat a little sore …. Throat a lot sore …… Increasingly difficult to swallow …… Head beginning to get a little cloudy and focusing on anything becomes harder than it should. Thoughts of ‘whoa, it might be coming’ but then I’ll take aggressive measures to ward off the […]

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