August 13, 2013


You don’t have to win every battle …

If there is a phrase I have come to appreciate and rely on more and more during this parenting gig, it would be the little gem …. you don’t have to win every battle, to win the war Not saying, that life should be considered a war-zone nor a state of hostility the norm … […]

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August 11, 2013


I really must confess, I am on the biggest mojo hunt

Hello there, it has truly been a while, hasn’t it? I’d actually love to be able to dazzle with an ahhhhhhhmaaazing tale to excuse my fortnight’s absence …. but alas …… I have not been off saving the world one harp seal at a time, I have not been floating down the Seine on a […]

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July 30, 2013


Swooning over the years – confessing to celebrity crushes

When I read that the weekly get-it-off-your-chest link-up hosted by Kirsty over at her place, My Home Truths, this time was about ‘fessing up to your celebrity crushes, I was IN. My celebrity crushes of youth were often made public by being plastered on the cover of my brown-paper covered school books, before  of course […]

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July 23, 2013


Sharing some App lurrrrrrve

When I get the opportunity and time to explore iTunes for some new iPad Apps, I am seriously one happy camper. Look, I know that should there ever be a house fire (heaven forbid) tradition suggests that it is appropriate to firstly save your kids and then secondly your photos. Right? Well …. ok … I […]

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July 16, 2013


The art of upcycling

Taking a second to look around me here in my cosy little study nook, there is not much in the vicinity that I can spy which has ever been shiny-new-out-of-package to me. The 2 desks in here are old antique wooden things, the printer shelf sourced from a garage sale, the printer itself once owned […]

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July 12, 2013


5 reasons why Mums should NEVER catch colds …

I’ve got a cold. And it’s making me feel all yucky and miserable. Although I’m certainly less croaky than I was yesterday, I did spend a good deal of time in my therapeutically steaming hot shower tonight considering why it is so unfair for Mums to succumb to head colds. Indeed, I could rattle off […]

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